New Person
Wed Apr 29, 2015 01:03

While Fire Flash said this, a grey-haired man was walking towards the group, dressed in an orange-and-pink pinstripe suit with a black tie. He was drinking some coffee, but he spit it out upon seeing them.

After getting over the initial surprise, he looked over the group with his bloodshot eyes, rubbing his stubbled chin, while drinking what was left of his coffee. Then, he threw the cup to the floor-shattering it-before pointing at the group, saying, "who are you things, what sort of place is this, and is this just another illusion of the mind?"

  • "Whaddya mean, 'sounds okay'?"SeaTurtle, Tue Apr 28 21:35
    "Look dude, what don't you understand about 'this job eats away at your soul'? Luna's stars, I'm giving you a chance to get out of here unscathed! Take it and run!" said Fire Flash. " Like you said,... more
    • New Person — RogErt, Wed Apr 29 01:03
      • "Oh, it's another guy!"Nine, Wed Apr 29 17:45
        "Apperantly this is the PPC, you're here now, and can't leave. No, you're not insane unless this is some bizzare shared dream, which, last time I checked, was impossible."
        • "Really."RogErt, Thu Apr 30 00:20
          While the grey-haired man is saying this, his face is set in the same grimace. By the tone of his voice, you get the sense that he doesn't believe you.
          • ((Dude seriously...))Edhelistar, Fri May 1 00:03
            ((...don't tell others how their characters should react in a RP, is bad manners.)) ((In case it wasn't your intention, that's what the wording in your sentence conveys, it should something more like ... more
          • ((Pulls out crash-test-dummy))Nine, Thu Apr 30 15:46
            "Yes! Really. I know it sounds insane but ask some other guy, I'm new too."
            • Re: ((Pulls out crash-test-dummy))RogErt, Fri May 1 10:23
              ((Sorry, I'll try to do better next time.)) The man, grimacing, scratched at his face, and then said to the Andalite, "is there a way to leave this place? Because I think I got in here by walking... more
    • "Well I never had much to do at home."Nine, Tue Apr 28 21:52
      "And..." *beat* "... you know what, I'm not even going to ask that question. I mean, this place is run by daisies, so how much crazier can it get?" ((The answer: much crazier. He has no clue what... more
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