"Oh, it's another guy!"
Wed Apr 29, 2015 17:45 (XFF:

"Apperantly this is the PPC, you're here now, and can't leave. No, you're not insane unless this is some bizzare shared dream, which, last time I checked, was impossible."

  • New PersonRogErt, Wed Apr 29 01:03
    While Fire Flash said this, a grey-haired man was walking towards the group, dressed in an orange-and-pink pinstripe suit with a black tie. He was drinking some coffee, but he spit it out upon seeing ... more
    • "Oh, it's another guy!" — Nine, Wed Apr 29 17:45
      • "Really."RogErt, Thu Apr 30 00:20
        While the grey-haired man is saying this, his face is set in the same grimace. By the tone of his voice, you get the sense that he doesn't believe you.
        • ((Dude seriously...))Edhelistar, Fri May 1 00:03
          ((...don't tell others how their characters should react in a RP, is bad manners.)) ((In case it wasn't your intention, that's what the wording in your sentence conveys, it should something more like ... more
        • ((Pulls out crash-test-dummy))Nine, Thu Apr 30 15:46
          "Yes! Really. I know it sounds insane but ask some other guy, I'm new too."
          • Re: ((Pulls out crash-test-dummy))RogErt, Fri May 1 10:23
            ((Sorry, I'll try to do better next time.)) The man, grimacing, scratched at his face, and then said to the Andalite, "is there a way to leave this place? Because I think I got in here by walking... more
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