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"I...had not considered that, actually."
Wed Apr 29, 2015 23:03

Darkotas took a moment to write down a few words; they were more for his benefit than anything else, as he made a note to follow up on this angle when he had the chance.
"Perhaps... some different questions would be in order." He looked up from his notepad and smiled a bit, though this one was slightly less enthusiastic. "Okay, in the spirit of openness, would you have any questions for me as well? I apologize if I've hit a raw topic; that was not my intent."

  • "'Inspiring', heh? Are you new here?" She chuckled darkly. " As söt it is to see a child smile when patting a Pikachu, or watching this girl,"--points at Solvig--"coming to grips that she can not go... more
    • "I...had not considered that, actually." — Darkotas, Wed Apr 29 23:03
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