Edhelistar's Agents' Mailbox!
Tue May 19, 2015 13:59

I don't really spect alot of questions, 'cuz well, no missions yet, but oh well, here they are.

Solvig Karinsdotter, the auburn-haired clone of Supergirl.

Yuuna Takamiya, the violet-haired/eyed teenage ex-Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • The PPC Agent Mailbox game redux!SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 13:23
    As discussed on the Board, here is the revamped version of the PPC Agent Mailbox event! See the original post on the Board for the rules and have fun!
    • eatpraylove's agents' mailboxeatpraylove, Thu May 21 09:25
      Accepting questions for Trainees Miguel Correa and Violet Rose Greenfield in addition to Agents Chris and Ami Seeker, all in Floaters.
      • Question for Miguel.Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC, Fri May 22 17:14
        Seeing as you had a connection to a Legendary in your homefic like I did, what was it like? Was it similar to communicating with the legendary in question? Also, what is your moveset? I know a... more
        • I still have that connection.Trainee Miguel, DF, Sat May 23 12:59
          You know the Doctor's little speech about how he can feel the Earth rotating underneath his feet and see everything that ever was, is, and could be? That's kind of what having Celebi powers feels... more
      • Question for Chris!Solvig Karinsdotter, Fri May 22 07:47
        You know what's the best way to care for a Charmander? 'Cuz well, I never had a real one before...
        • A Charmander?Chris, Fri May 22 14:26
          Hmm...I've never had one either. I hear they're stubborn, though. As long as you make it clear you're the boss and let him fight tough opponents, you should be OK. Now I'm curious; how'd you get your ... more
          • Well, my psychiatrist said I needed a pet...Solvig Karinsdotter, Fri May 22 20:01
            ... 'cuz I needed to learn resposability or something, and asked me what I wanted. So I said a Charmander, and she got Lizzie for me. ((In reality, it was one of my newbie gifts; son_of_heaven176 let ... more
      • Question for Ami Seeker. SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 20:32
        How hard is it to live life in an environment designed for humans? Do you use the disguise generator to switch to a human if you want to use a keyboard or are your hooves good enough for the job?
        • RE: QuestionAgent Ami Seeker, Fri May 22 14:22
          Actually, Chris says I'm not allowed to use the laptop until I can set up the DVD player correctly without asking for help. I'd have a lot less trouble if we knew where the instruction manual was.... more
    • Elcalion's agents' mailbox's threadElcalion, Thu May 21 09:12
      Wow, so much possessive punctuation! For those newer than about 2010 (the last time I posted a mission), here's a link to my main ESAS agents: http://ppc.wikia.com/wiki/Bryndan_Kern... more
      • Hi, Logan!Agent Ami Seeker, Thu May 21 09:43
        How long have you been playing violin? How do you find the time to practice in between missions and...whatever else you're up to these days?
    • TheShyIon's agents' mailboxesTheShyIon, Wed May 20 19:47
      Alloy and Ginger in the Department of Mary Sues. Neither have very good wiki articles yet, but here they are: http://ppc.wikia.com/wiki/Alloy and http://ppc.wikia.com/wiki/Ginger-Wise . Since I don't ... more
      • Another for Alloy!Iximaz, Sun May 24 15:51
        So, say you want to get a haircut. (Papercut?) But later, you get tired of it. Is your hair able to grow out?
      • Question for Alloy!Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 23:38
        How does it feel to have paper hair? ((Goddammit Solvig! Think before speaking!))
        • Re: Question for Alloy!TheShyIon, Sat May 23 21:12
          Alloy: Papery, I suppose? It is not like I have much to compare it to. It can make it hard to shower, though. Thankfully, I can just put some plastic over it.
      • Question for both!Iximaz, Wed May 20 20:54
        What do you least like about your partner? Conversely, what do you like most?
        • ...aren't you? ;) Alloy: I would not usually say this, but Ginger is absolutely a jerk. A confusing jerk who reminds me too much of that horrible Sue. And she named me without my permission, too! Who ... more
      • Don't be silly, everyone gets questions.SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 20:08
        Question for both and be honest. If both of you got into a fist fight against each other, who would win? No weapons, no magic. Just good old-fashioned fisticuffs.
        • As honest as they get... :PTheShyIon, Wed May 20 22:08
          Alloy: I am not sure. If fighting as I would in the RWBY continuum does not count, I would almost certainly win! If not, I would, well, still probably win, but it is possible I could get tripped up.... more
    • SkarmorySilver's Agents mailboxesSkarmorySilver, Tue May 19 19:39
      (I'm still pretty busy with other things at this time but I'll try to answer as much as I can! Below are my PPC characters with complete PPC Wiki articles. Have fun!) RC #227: Falchion Rashida... more
      • Piikaa-pi-i Pi Pii-chuuuu!Thrud the Pikachu, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Div., Sun May 24 15:06
        ((Translation: Question for Falchion!)) Kaaa pi Chuu chu chu pikachu pikapi pi pi-i Pi pikachu pikaa pi? ((How does it feel to be in an Action Department?)) Maya, the Gardevoir : *In the background*... more
        • Really tough. But I seem to manage.Agent Falchion, DF, Thu May 28 13:13
          Notwithstanding the fact that I can't use my armor during most missions, of course. But if anything, it helps me rely on strategy rather than brute force. And before you ask, no, I didn't steal your... more
      • Hi Sarah!Gabby, DMS, Thu May 21 11:11
        Have you ever forgotten how strong you were? I accidentally broke a few bones back home when I tried to hug by host families, eheheh. ———— Chakkik worked his mandibles a bit. "so you have always been ... more
        • Hello!Agent Sarah Squall, DIC, Fri May 22 00:59
          "Actually my strength isn't derived from raw power in the same way that Mr. Incredible's is. It's momentum-based, meaning I'd have to get my body moving for any real impact. THAT SAID, though, I've... more
      • For Agent Lapis Lazuli...Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Thu May 21 10:16
        Would you like a Star Wars -continuum Galactic Civil War Era life-like cybernetic replacement hand? Is fully functional, and in good condition. I offer a fair price and a free cup of Ba Sing Se-style ... more
        • Thanks, but no thanks. For now, anyway.Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC, Thu May 21 11:06
          Medical was specifically against the replacement hand until further notice. They were afraid that any residual glitter from my, uh, mishap from my fourth mission would get into any hypothetical... more
          • Oh well, I'll keep it in case you change your mind.Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Thu May 21 11:14
            *toys with a small drop of water with her, then launches and freezes it in midair, in the form of a snowflake* Which I eagerly await for.
            • (Also...)SkarmorySilver, Fri May 22 01:07
              (I've been meaning to explore how Lapis would deal with her missing hand for a while. I'm thinking of having her go back to Medical a few stories later to have her hand checked up, possibly after her ... more
            • Another question from Lapis!SkarmorySilver, Fri May 22 01:06
              [Lapis:] "Good to know. Oh! Almost forgot! I'm a pretty big fan of the original Avatar series, and so is my author - my homefic had Aang dragged in, for one thing! That being said, have you ever... more
              • *raises eyebrow*Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Fri May 22 09:50
                Uhh... No. Why would we? One, half of the technology used is useless without Benders to power it up, and two, all of the technology from my home-continuum is heavily outclassed by technology from any ... more
                • I'd cite a specific example, but it's ridiculously spoilery.Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC, Fri May 22 17:20
                  Besides, it was supposedly powered by a really powerful bending technique, and I always wondered if it was worth exploring in case, y'know, an energy-bending Sue comes along... *beat* *sweatdrops,... more
                  • Excuse me, what...? *narrows her eyes* ((Spoilers!))Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 11:11
                    At first I thought you refered to the Equalist's shock gauntlets, the only piece of useful technology from there. *calls the water from Lapis' back of the neck to her hand* But, I think I now know... more
                    • (Well, that escalated quickly.)SkarmorySilver, Sat May 23 14:50
                      Lapis stared after Shi-Hua, a look of horrified shock on her face. "I... I don't know what to say," she said to nobody in particular. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean..." She felt a hand rest on her... more
                      • *slow clap*Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 16:58
                        Congratulations, Lapis Lazuli. You just angered someone again, with your reckless speech. My office, tomorrow, 9 a.m., not 'buts' or excuses. What? Becoming an Agent does not mean you stop being my... more
      • Hi Falchion!Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 23:36
        Would you like to meet Lizzie?
        • Hi!Agent Falchion, DIC, Thu May 21 13:21
          OH DEAR ARCEUS FIRE MY ONLY WEAKNESS NO GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME *ahem* Yeah, I-I guess I could say hello. Just... be careful when you handle him and all. I don't like fire... Also, a question... more
          • O,ó... Is a her...Solvig Karinsdotter, Thu May 21 13:35
            Well, now I'm familiar with Generations One thru Four, a little with Five, and not quite with Six. Learning of about Seventy sub-continua is hard y'know, that's why I haven't taken the time to learn... more
      • Ok.OrangeYoshi99, Tue May 19 19:56
        For Falchion, (and Velociripper): What's it like being an author avatar? For all of RC #333: How's Lapis doing? Is she OK? For Salvo: What's Intelligence like? What do you guys do?
        • Re: Ok.SkarmorySilver, Wed May 20 11:49
          For Falchion, (and Velociripper): What's it like being an author avatar? [Ripper:] "Horrible." [Falchion:] "Dude, no." [Ripper:] "Your author used me as a tool to inflict grievous harm on multiple... more
      • Question for all agents!Voyd, Tue May 19 19:54
        What would you say is the best part about working with the PPC? There are perks to the job, after all.
        • Re: Question for all agents!SkarmorySilver, Wed May 20 12:28
          [Ripper:] "For some of us, the PPC is our only home. We have no where else to go. So that means that being an agent at least gives us a chance to exist, to hunt, and to have posterity if we're lucky. ... more
          • So...Voyd, Wed May 20 12:36
            Has there never been a time where the job felt like it was worth it? Like you'd actually done some good in the world and helped people?
            • Re: So...SkarmorySilver, Thu May 21 13:21
              [Falchion:] "My first mission, full stop. And too many times since then." [Rashida:] "That's your response every time anyone asks that. I don't consider that mission to be worth the extra effort -... more
    • doctorlit's agents' mailboxesdoctorlit, Tue May 19 19:33
      Doc and/or Vania in Floaters Séverine and/or Yoof in the kitchens Mollie and Ollie in the Nursery/PPC school
      • Question for Doc and Vania:Huinesoron, Wed May 20 11:17
        Is it true? Yes, you know what I mean. Don't try to hide it. hS ((is evil))
        • The answers.doctorlit, Thu May 21 00:05
          Vania: What? Are you asking if I'm mardy? Hah hah, no. Doc's about as romantic as scratchy lint from an old blanket, and we mostly use costumes instead of full disguises nowadays, anyway. Oh, yes, I... more
      • Got one for Doc!Iximaz, Wed May 20 06:21
        You carry so many books in your pockets, are you sure they're not bigger on the inside?
        • Oh, they're definitely normal pockets.Agent Doc, Wed May 20 09:49
          The shorts are from real world Kohl's. I'v just gotten really good and stuffing books safely inside them. After all, can't leave the house without something to read, right? Plus, I hadn't even heard... more
      • Question for Séverine and Yoof.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 20:11
        Can you guys tell us what's on this week's menu? Is it fresh?
        • Oh boy! It's good!Agent Yoof, Tue May 19 21:21
          Séverine found some white celery from Bunnicula ! Said it probably won't turn most agents into vampires! Shipment of Slowpoke tails! Smell good! Like hot dogs! Got a whole pantry of stuff in The Last ... more
          • Meatloaf? I'll pass.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 21:30
            But the rest sounds delicious... ish. Carry on. Another question, this time for Doc: how is life with Vania? Does she keep you on your toes?
            • Oh, yes.Agent Doc, Wed May 20 02:05
              I had requested not to have a partner, but I wound up with her. She's . . . well, noisy. And bouncy. It's distracting, and hard to read. She also used to keep dragging me out of the RC to do stuff... more
    • Neshomeh's Agents' MailboxNeshomeh, Tue May 19 17:53
      RC 999, DIC - Agent Supernumerary - Agent Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill RC 1110, DMS - Agent Derik - Agent Gall Knutson FicPsych - Nurse Jennifer Robinson -- Her son, Henry Robinson - Nurse Mirrad -... more
      • Question for Supernumerary.doctorlit, Thu May 21 00:11
        We all know you're a ravenous book lover, but that you're also into Star Trek . What novel or book series is your favorite? And do you like it or Trek better?
        • I don't like to name favorites.Agent Supernumerary, Thu May 21 13:54
          Start doing that, and that's when truly horrible, soul-crushing badfic of it starts landing on your console. So I'm not going to. That said, it's no secret that I'm a bit of a Tolkien buff. Got its... more
          • ((OMG, you have to read Foundation!))doctorlit, Thu May 21 17:33
            ((The original trilogy, at least; the four novels published later got a bit Star Wars prequel-ish for my tastes. But the original trilogy is very fuax-historical sounding, and the sci-fi details... more
            • (( Oh, I have! ))Neshomeh, Fri May 22 09:12
              I thought about picking it as a favorite of Nume's, actually, but see above. I would love to have a long, confusing debate with you. The problem there is that I do not, in fact, have perfect recall,... more
              • ((AHH, I love Asimov!))Iximaz, Fri May 22 11:39
                ((I got my hands on a copy of I, Robot back when I was ten and it's still my favorite of his works to this day. Especially the first story, it still makes me cry a little.))
                • ((I tried to read I, Robot...))Voyd, Sun May 24 11:06
                  ((I'm sorry, but it's just not for me. This seems to be a common problem I have with really, really old works of literature: I get bored of them. Lovecraft's about the only one I like. I've tried... more
                • (( Haven't gotten to that one yet. ))Neshomeh, Fri May 22 18:18
                  And admitting things like that are why I sometimes feel like I need to hand in my geek card. Call myself a sci-fi fan, will I, when I haven't even read I, Robot ? Pshaw! ~Neshomeh
      • Um, Nurse Jennifer?Agent Gabrielle, DWT, Wed May 20 11:38
        Uh, I don't know if I'm allowed to ask, because I know soft toys aren't allowed to stay on wards because they're an infection vector (the Doktor told me), but, um, do you need a hand? Because cuddle... more
        • You're not a soft toy, are you?Jennifer Robinson, Thu May 21 13:20
          I mean, we could theoretically put you in a bath and get you all squeaky-clean between patients, right? ^_~ Anyway, we're a psych ward. We don't see a whole lot of infectious diseases, so we're not... more
          • :DDDDDDAgent Gabrielle, DWT, Thu May 21 13:55
            Yaaaaaay! I mean it was mostly the fact that I'm fuzzy was the problem and and and YAY! I'll be right down! *What follows is a small, obnoxiously adorable Pokémon prancing - yes, prancing - through... more
      • Agent Supernumerary, may I?Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Wed May 20 11:19
        How do you manage to endure living alongside all those idiots and lunatics that populate this place? Solvig : *In the background* HEY! What's that suppos'd to mean? Yuuna : SHUT UP! *Rubs her temple... more
        • Mostly by avoiding them as much as possible.Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 12:49
          I have to live with my partner, of course, but he's pretty quiet when he's not trying to blow us up with his damn tinkering, he doesn't leave dirty socks and old pizza boxes lying around, and he's... more
          • Thank you very much Agent..Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Wed May 20 22:01
            I think thinkI will start putting tho-- *Explosion is heard in the background* Solvig : *In the background* Sorry, my bad! Yuuna : *headdesks* I need a chocolate-banana milkshake...
      • One for Derek:Iximaz, Wed May 20 10:54
        Would it be okay if I gave you a hug?
      • Mister Supernumerary?Kala Jeng, DF, Wed May 20 09:03
        What would you say is the most dangerous situation you've ever been in? In my natural form, I'm never in any real danger, but Valon... well, I saved his life on our last mission, but I don't think... more
        • If we must do this...Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 10:10
          Could you people at least try to be original? I've answered this one before . It's on record. No such thing as privacy here. ... Well, all right, "situation" isn't quite the same as "foe," so if we... more
          • I tried giving him Bleeprin...Kala Jeng, DF, Wed May 20 10:29
            ... but he refused to take it. He said something about not wanting anything to mess with his mind. ((Yeah... Valon refuses Bleeprin on principle. He's staunchly opposed to mind-altering substances,... more
            • Your partner's an idiot.Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 12:06
              You know what messes with your mind? Being alive. All the billions of impulses of data from your senses, every hormone, every neurotransmitter, the chemical bath distilled from everything you eat and ... more
      • Gall! Gall!Iximaz, Wed May 20 07:33
        Your dragon is so awesome and cool! What's your care routine for him like?
        • Well, Bob—Agent Gall, Wed May 20 10:31
          I can call you Bob, right? ... Wait, this feels awfully familiar. Why's that? Oh, right! Because this dude had the same question last time around. The answer's pretty much the same, too. Water, fresh ... more
          • Oops, sorry, I wasn't around last time!Iximaz, Wed May 20 11:25
            Alright, another question: if you could be a dragon, what species and why?
            • Dude, so many choices!Agent Gall, Thu May 21 15:02
              I mean, I could just say Monstrous Nightmare, because obviously they're the coolest, but that's ignoring the whole wider world of totally badass dragons. I mean, have you ever seen a Whispering... more
      • Questions for Supernumerary!Voyd, Tue May 19 18:11
        What would you say is the best part about being in the PPC? Are you asexual or anti-sexual (meaning you have urges, but don't want them)?
        • Ugh, this dren again.Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 00:59
          I wish I could say the best part about being in the PPC is not having to put up with invasive personal questions from random idiots, but that would be a lie, wouldn't it? Please imagine me glaring... more
      • Ilraen and Nume!Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:56
        What, in your guys' expert opinions, are two continua that should never , under any circumstances, be mixed? Nume, Kirk or Picard? Ilraen, have you ever met Agent Farilan?
        • Oh! Mail!Agent Ilraen, Wed May 20 00:38
          Hello, Iximaz. I am composing the answers to your questions for both of us. Nume does not admit to wanting to have anything to do with this exercise, although I suspect he is more intrigued by the... more
          • I feel ya on the "differing tones" bit.Valon Vance, DF, Wed May 20 08:48
            My first mission with my partner was a crossover between Monster Musume, a romantic comedy harem manga, and Prototype, which is about as grimdark and bloody as you can get. I believe we in the... more
          • That would be me.Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Wed May 20 06:13
            I must say, it's a pleasure to finally meet another member of the noble Andalite race living in this... place.
            • Oh. Oh my.Agent Ilraen, Wed May 20 13:49
              I had no idea there were any other Andalites here besides Agent Iskillion and myself. Have you been here long? When did you arrive? How did you come to find yourself here? And... please excuse me, I... more
              • Hmm.Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Wed May 20 14:08
                You say you wish to meet Aldrea? A foolish girl who didn't know her place. You have clearly been living amongst humans for too long, especially since you no longer seem able to distinguish between... more
                • Well...Agent Ilraen, Thu May 21 14:30
                  There aren't many female Andalites even named in the Animorphs series, let alone given any development. My choice was rather limited. But now you're here... I know I am not the picture of the ideal... more
                  • Oh, well...Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Thu May 21 16:53
                    *slightly mollified. And flattered.* Well, you should still realize that these humans are inferior compared to ourselves. It does not behoove you to stoop to their level, Ilraen.
                    • *blinks in bewilderment*Agent Ilraen, Fri May 22 18:16
                      *and not only because he's not sure whether they're writing to each other or face to face, gah, this definitely started out being mail but now there are action asterisks involved, what* *okay... time ... more
                      • Yes, about these warriors of other species...Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Fri May 22 22:23
                        Could you perhaps explain why they allow their females to fight rather than have them go into more suitable departments such as Intelligence or Sufficiently Advanced Technology? ((Girl's got a... more
                        • Certainly!Agent Ilraen, Fri May 22 23:24
                          For one thing, I understand there have historically been far more female recruits than male, so if the organization limited itself to male action agents, it would be even more pitifully understaffed... more
                          • *snorts*Farilan-Haothil-Esthine, Sat May 23 09:43
                            Be that as it may, Ilraen, the fact of the matter remains that it is just not proper behavior. But very well, I will attempt to turn a blind eye, though I cannot say I will ever approve of the... more
                            • (( Gah, stuck for a response. ))Neshomeh, Mon May 25 00:44
                              Sorry. {= ( Yeah, it's tough getting into the head of a character you disagree with. Especially since we don't really know all that much about Andalite society, all things considered. I mean, do they ... more
                          • P.S. I remembered.Agent Ilraen, Fri May 22 23:42
                            The actual quote is from Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. The fuller passage runs as follows: "Do you mean to say that you allow your queens to fly—against Threads?" F'lar ignored the fact that... more
    • Sergio Turbo's Agents mailboxSergio Turbo, Tue May 19 17:13
      In which you can ask stuff to Sergio, Nikki and Corolla.
      • Corolla, hey there!Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:23
        Was it hard to adjust to DoSAT after being in the field for so long?
        • Well, it was quite the change of pace.Corolla, Tue May 19 17:27
          I got used to it pretty quickly though. I never thought I would like tinkering with stuff this much... Still, I do miss the action every once in a while, so I did everything I could to get allowed on ... more
    • PoorCynic's agents' mailboxPoorCynic, Tue May 19 16:59
      More specifically, this is the mailbox for Laura Dukes, James Pittman, Danny Richardson, Gremlin, Xericka, Cornelius, Rachel Calendar, and Teyala Solnerii. Enjoy!
      • Question for Cornelius.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 17:06
        Are you afraid of rampancy? Is there any way that DoSAT can help you reach metastability?
        • A most excellent question.Agent Cornelius, DIAU, Wed May 20 23:12
          Yes, rampancy is indeed a most pressing issue, especially as I enter what could be my last operational year. DoSAT is indeed looking into it, as is my own DIAU. I'm sorry to say that results so far... more
      • Questions for Gremlin and Xericka!Voyd, Tue May 19 17:02
        First: What's the best thing that's happened to you since joining the PPC? Second: What have you been up to? You haven't run any missions in a good long while.
        • Whoa, a two-fer!Gremlin and Xericka, Wed May 20 23:04
          Gremlin here. Xericka's standing right behind me reading everything I write, so I suppose she is also technically here. It's hard to say what the best thing that happened to me is. I've seen plenty... more
    • Scapegrace's agents' mailboxesScapegrace, Tue May 19 14:09
      This is for Wobbles, the Notary, and Doktor Trollenfisch. Have fun with them. =]
      • One for Doktor Trollenfisch!Iximaz, Sun May 24 15:42
        *holds up her French horn* Want to play a duet with me?
        • JAWOHL! :DDoktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Sun May 24 17:09
      • Pi-kaaa-chu kachu-pika-pi-ka chu pika Chu ka-pika-pika!Thrud the Pikachu, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Div., Sun May 24 13:07
        ((Translation: Question for Doktor Trollenfisch!)) Kaaa pi Chuu chu chu pikachu pikapi pi pi-i Pi pikachu pikaa pi? ((How does it feel to be in an Action Department?)) Maya, the Gardevoir : I think... more
        • Hallo mein tiny electric friend!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Sun May 24 17:03
          It ist feelink like ein big responsibility, my vord yes! But, as long as you are beink careful und do not take zer silly risks, it can be zer greatest of fun, my vord yes! Until you are required to... more
      • a question for the notarychakkik the mantis ant, dms, Sun May 24 10:59
        i implore that you refrain from being arrogant in your response. self-assured evasion of curiosity does nothing but waste your time and mine. with that said... are there any abilities carried by... more
      • Um...ok, this one's for Wobbles.Trainee Violet Greenfield, Sat May 23 13:03
        How do you feel about custard/cream pies?
        • The old favourite!Agent Wobbles, DF, Sun May 24 04:39
          So simple, but so effective! The surprise pie's one of the greatest gifts to clownkind! You can put it anywhere and everywhere - well, not quite everywhere if you're me because there are things I'm... more
      • Question for the Notary[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Wed May 20 14:17
        How exactly did your feud with the Guardsman begin? Because it kind of seems like belligerent and unresolved tension of the intimate variety. ((Can take this as a question from prospective agent... more
      • greetings, strange pink iffish.chakkik the mantis ant, dms, Wed May 20 09:19
        what is this "scyther" i have heard so much about? my partner has informed me that it might be something i might be interested in. i am uncertain if she is simply making jests of my personal... more
      • One for the Notary.Iximaz, Wed May 20 08:57
        So what's this Tree business? OH GOD PLEASE DON'T HURT MEEE
        • "You DARE-"Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 10:14
          *What follows is the protracted sound of screaming and a clown trying to sit on a slightly damp-faced Time Lady's head before she does anything more egregiously stupid than normal.*
      • Question for you, Miss Notary!Valon Vance, DF, Tue May 19 20:20
        So there's a song by the Kinks about a guy who starts falling for a girl at a bar, who turns out to be a transvestite, or transsexual, or something. Ever heard it? ((Valon was at Rudi's, remember.... more
        • "No, I have not."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 05:32
          "Human culture does not interest me in the slightest; what little I know of it comes from enforced familiarity with the inferior media created by World One's scrawl-and-daub merchants. I assume this... more
      • Ooh, ooh, I have a question for both of you!Alex Dives, Tue May 19 17:34
        Wobbles, if there was a piece of tech you wanted to use, what would it be? I'm looking into devising a way around your problem! Notary, do you have your own sonic screwdriver? I've always wanted to... more
        • Uh, I've... not given it much thought.Agent Wobbles, DF, Tue May 19 17:47
          Y'know, it's like... there's one kid, Stacy. She's in the nursery. She was rescued from a badfic - an OC bit like me - and she was put in a wheelchair and just kinda left there 'cause the only reason ... more
          • Oh, oh man, I'm sorry, Mrs. Wobbles.Alex Dives, Tue May 19 17:59
            And ooh, what kind of weapon? A staser, I bet. What kind of staser? How long have you had it, and has it ever needed repairs?
            • "I'll field this one, human, you have rounds to do."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 18:05
              "My weapon is an early-model handheld staser, category 7, rated primarily for use against Ogron-level threats and below. Dalekanium warping power is limited, but can penetrate up to codename:... more
              • Alright, awesome! Thank you!Alex Dives, Tue May 19 18:07
                And just so you know, if it ever needs repairs or maybe upgrades, I'm more than happy to take a look at it! ((What is this madness? Someone who doesn't immediately draw her wrath?))
                • "Indeed."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 18:15
                  "It has been sufficient for my sole foray off-base, but should it become necessary I shall prepare the paperwork in advance. Indeed, I may be able to help you right now..." The Notary scribbled down... more
                  • Triplicate, huh?Alex Dives, Tue May 19 18:16
                    No problem! Haven't had to do this since tenth grade, but it won't be that hard. And sweet, a laser screwdriver! I've got a leftover Sue laser spanner, but that's it. You're the best! :D
                    • "It is... gratifying to be appreciated. At last. Thank you."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 18:21
                      "Remember, in triplicate, then get them to me. I'll make sure they're absolutely unrefusable. It's the only way to make any headway against those people."
                      • Hey, no problem!Alex Dives, Tue May 19 18:23
                        You know, you're a lot nicer than most people give you credit for. *beams and runs off, papers clutched to his chest*
                        • "..."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 18:27
                          The Notary considered calling after him, but in the end just stalked off down the corridor. It was a victory, a good piece in her long game against the Grunt, but it felt... hollower than normal. Or... more
                          • Later that day...Iximaz, Tue May 19 19:06
                            The Notary would find the forms, perfectly filled out in triplicate, sitting nearly stacked on her desk in her RC. A sticky note on top of the stack read " See? I told you it would be easy. —Alex "
                            • The Notary just looked at them and sighed.Scapegrace, Tue May 19 19:18
                              Oooh, but that boy knew how to treat a lady right. She focussed her brain, quite violently, and when her ears stopped ringing from the slap she sat down and filed the forms. They were, true to his... more
                              • The Guardsman slammed the drawer shut.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 20:06
                                • Whistling "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" to himself, he turned it on and bent over his ice gun, intent on finally making that last modification to the melt settings and blissfully unaware... more
                                  • A portal popped into existence outside of DoSAT.SeaTurtle , Tue May 19 20:33
                                    The Guardsman and Terabyte stepped though it, closing the portal behind them. The nodded to each other and pushed the doors open. After presenting their DIA identification to Tess and explaining the... more
                                    • Alex's eyes went huge.Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:39
                                      "I g-got it from the Notary," he stammered, looking between Terrabyte (who looked like nothing he'd ever seen before) and the still-shaken Guardsman. He swallowed. "If I was doing anything I wasn't... more
                                      • "Don't sweat it, son," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 21:27
                                        "Let this be a lesson to you. I don't know exactly what you did but you gave the Notary a chance, right? Showed her what it's like not to be despised all the time? Well, look what she does with your... more
                                        • "Alex Dives. I'm an intern here." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm so sorry about the screwdriver, if I'd known... shoulda listened to my sister, she likes to rant about the Notary.... more
                                          • Terabyte waved its hand in the air.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 21:46
                                            " No, don't be sorry. Tales of the Notary are always outlandish by nature. Their scale and audacity are comical, if somewhat aggravating. It makes one wonder why she's pulling off these stunts in the ... more
                                            • "Maybe she likes the attention?"Iximaz, Tue May 19 21:53
                                              Alex shrugged, looking sheepish. "Sorry, can't really help you there. I'm good with machines, not people." He glanced over at the Guardsman. "Um, Mister, I'm really sorry... is it okay? The... more
                                              • "It's fine."SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 22:00
                                                The Guardsman returned the screwdriver and its battery to his pocket. "Thank god. This little beauty saw me through the worst battles of the War. Second battle of Skaro, the Aether incident, the... more
                                                • "Um, nothing..."Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:05
                                                  Alex gnawed his lip in a manner reminiscent of his sister. "I mean, I offered to repair her staser if it ever needed it, but that's it, really."
                                                  • The Guardsman shook his head. "You're sure you didn't do anything else? The DIA confiscation system isn't triggered very often-- you need special permissions and such for that."
                                                    • "But it was all about rights to handle her staser and repair it and whatnot, I read the fine print." Alex shrugged, looking helpless. "I have no idea how this happened."
                                                      • "Well, I do."SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 22:46
                                                        "If you want to repair some of the best tech in the galaxy, you need the best tools... hence the laser screwdriver. I see. Very sneaky." He nodded. "Tell you what. It's a shame you got dragged into... more
                                                        • "Oh, wow, would you really? Rina got me a laser spanner, but it's got urple light, and, well, you know Sue tech is nothing compared to an honest-to-God laser screwdriver! " Alex actually hugged the... more
                                                          • And that was when Rina came bursting in.Iximaz, Wed May 20 11:18
                                                            "Alex!" she yelled, running over. "Don't take anything she gives you, she—!" She pulled up short when she saw Terrabyte and the Guardsman. "Oh balls."
                                                            • The Guardsman blinked in surprise.SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 14:03
                                                              Terabyte raised a hand. " Greetings. A pleasure to see you here, Miss Dives. No need to worry about Emiranlanoamar, everything is under control. " The Guardsman rolled his eyes. "Well, yeah. You... more
                                                    • ((Blast. *offer)) (nm)SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 22:12
                      • ... what just happened?Valon Vance, DF, Tue May 19 18:23
                        No, seriously, I'm asking. The Notary wasn't a completely hostile windbag to someone? The end is nigh! The Long Night is upon us! SECURE YOUR DOORMATS!
      • Oh, and for the Notary:Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:39
        What is the best part of Gallifreyan culture, and why? Conversely, what is the worst part, and why?
        • One more for the Notary.Darkotas, Wed May 20 11:08
          What is the best type of paper, and why?
          • "... Good grief."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 11:54
            "A sensible question. That's two now. Anyway, the point of a hardcopy is to be hard-wearing. You'll need a high-quality paper, nice high gsm - that's grams per square inch, if you're wondering - and... more
        • *affects a shrill voice*Rina Dives, Tue May 19 15:57
          There is no such thing as a bad part of Gallifreyan culture, foolish human! We are the most noble race to ever exist in all the multiverses, and our shining cities were the hub of innovation and... more
      • For the good Doktor:Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:06
        What is your favorite thing in the world? Also, what, in your opinion, is the hardest word to pronounce?
        • "Ach ja, zat ist most easy!"Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Tue May 19 17:08
          "It ist mein collection uff zer music uff zer Biggenbrassenparpenthingen! Allow me to be demonstratink for you all!" --- [[What follows is eight hours of oompah music, played at Coca-Cola volume. For ... more
      • For the Notary:The Reader, Citrine Theorist of the ConCounWhatsit, Tue May 19 14:27
        I've got a question. Why is there a giant stack of paperwork on my bed? How did you even get anywhere near my bed? I thought my TARDIS was locked. -R
        • "Oh, that."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:33
          "It is your purview to analyse new Time Lord agents for potential Suvian traits. Those are all the forms you'll need, along with hardcopies of every mission report she's ever filed, details of her... more
          • ...Citrine Theorist&Onyx Monitor Reader of CCThingy, Tue May 19 14:46
            Notary, I'm perfectly qualified to do my job. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have the job to begin with. Secondly, I've been keeping up with Ms. Dives' mission reports anyway, because, quite honestly,... more
            • "Do you truly not recall?"Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:49
              "We... I believe the term is 'snuggled'. Quite a lot. Clothing was involved, but not much." --- The Notary is trying to develop a sense of humour, in much the same manner that an abandoned cup of... more
              • What?!The Reader, Tue May 19 14:54
                We didn't either! I should think I'd remember if we had! I--wha--Notary-- Notary , you-- [incoherent] [deep breathing] Okay. Considering I haven't bothered sleeping in my actual bed for several days, ... more
                • "Check the vidscreen."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:56
                  "The one in the cafeteria." The Notary finished editing the security footage, pressed send, and grinned. "The big one."
                  • Check the--The Reader, Citrine etc, Tue May 19 19:51
                    [crashing noises] [Gallifreyan swearing] Notary. [Incoherent] Listen, even if we did maybe...snuggle, I definitely would not tell you to stay-- ... ...you faked the footage, didn't you? I don't... more
                    • "Ah."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 05:52
                      "I was... not expecting you to catch on this early. I'm rather new to this whole 'pranking' business and, er, I... may possibly have co-opted some of the emergency broadcast protocol code to put it... more
                      • Wow, epic fail, much?Rina Dives, Wed May 20 07:26
                        *rubs forehead* I'll see if I can get Alex to take a look at it. And I'm not volunteering his services for you, Notary.
                        • "Dives, a word."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 10:30
                          "Did he get it? Has he dismantled it? You are related - do you share a bond? No, of course not, I'm being silly, he's as human as you used to be prior to your ascension. Oh, that'll teach the Grunt a ... more
          • Wait just a minute!Rina Dives, Tue May 19 14:37
            Are you seriously suggesting I'm a— a— a Sue?
            • "Yes."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:41
              "I read your report. I read all the reports. Recently, a CAD described you as displaying a 12% Suvian contamination rate. That is more than double the safe limit for a field agent, and it has... more
              • I hate you. (nm)Rina Dives, Tue May 19 14:51
                • "I can hardly contain my dismay." (nm)Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:52
                  • I can do without the sarcasm.Rina Dives, Tue May 19 16:17
                    And for your information? The C-CAD was malfunctioning. There's nothing wrong with me. Seriously.
                    • "Which we can't check..."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:10
                      "On account of it having blown up when pointed at a conveniently-located Sue. How very... inconvenient that must seem, for all concerned."
                      • Alright, that's it!Rina Dives, Tue May 19 17:19
                        You want a CAD reading?! COME AND GET ONE, YOU-
                        • Oh boy, not this again. Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 17:24
                          Of course it had to happen during the Q&A... Naya! I'll be stepping out a moment. Dives is having a fit. Console, end dictation mode, please.
                          • "Your presences is neither wanted nor required, Grunt."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:29
                            "Indeed, to use one of Dives's species's turns of phrase, you're about as welcome as a swarm of wasps at a bat mitzvah. If Dives wishes to give in to her baser instincts, then you will of course be... more
                            • I sincerely hope you're not classifying yourself as...The Reader, Citrine Theorist, etc, Tue May 19 17:44
                              ...his superior, Notary. That's just rude-- Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking to. -R ((Time Lords are a dramatic bunch, huh? They seem to love to angst and bicker :) ~DF))
                              • Yeah, you kind of did.Rina Dives, Tue May 19 17:46
                                *sighs and rubs temples* Has she always been this insufferable? ((Seems like it. Then again, old Rina would have been a lot more snappy had she run into this bunch before the transformation. This is... more
                            • [Laughter]Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 17:39
                              Hey! Hey, Naya. Get a load of this: she's actually telling me how to do my job now. [Falsetto] Oh, Grunt! You're a brainless cog in a machine! You're small, stupid, and unimportant! I piloted a... more
                              • "Well, I did."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:42
                                "You were put in the role you were in during the Time War because you were expendable , Grunt. Nobody gave a damn if they lost you. You had no value beyond that of shoe leather and paradox organs.... more
                              • Come on, Mr. Guardsman.Rina Dives, Tue May 19 17:41
                                You were telling me to ignore her earlier, so try taking your own advice. I don't like having to be the reasonable one where she's concerned.
                          • ((I'm probably the only one imagining...))Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:28
                            ((That the Q&A isn't so much in the form of letters as it is a big panel with all the agents sitting at a long table and the Boarders are sitting in the audience asking questions. You know, like at... more
                            • ((Mainly because someone would definitely try to strangle the Notary. Several times.)) ((~DF))
                              • ((It starts off like a nice, orderly panel, and then it gets disrupted by the Time Lords all screaming across the table at each other while the others either try to keep the panel going, hide, get... more
                                • ((...look, do you want me to write this?))DawnFire, Tue May 19 20:45
                                  ((Because it's beginning to reach the point where I will . Snippets of it, anyway. ~DF))
                                  • ((...can I help?))Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:49
                                    ((Because seriously, I'm going to fall asleep thinking about this. The idea's just so hilariously ridiculous.))
                                    • ((Just going to eat dinner, don't worry if I don't respond for a bit. ~DF))
                                      • ((Sounds good to me.))Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:55
                                        ((Email's iximaz(AT)gmail(DOT)com, but I won't be able to work until tomorrow afternoon, since I'm kicked off the computer after dinner and the phone has to go up at 9:00 (not that that ever stops... more
                                        • ((I'll get something set up, then :)))DawnFire, Tue May 19 21:34
                                          ((And that's fine, actually--means I have more of a chance of getting to sleep early tonight, which I'm sure would be good for me. Also, I'm at my volunteer job until about...let's say 5 pm, I'm... more
                                          • ((Yup, 9:40 here.))Iximaz, Tue May 19 21:41
                                            ((I usually have volunteering on Wednesdays as well, but I think I have tomorrow off, I'd have to look. Anyway, your plan sounds great! I can't wait to get started!))
                                            • ((Fantastic!))DawnFire, Tue May 19 21:49
                                              ((It's always nice to share a time zone. When Karen and I first started writing together, she was 8 hours behind me. It was kind of horrible, but definitely doable. Now she's only 1 hour behind,... more
                                              • ((Mostly I help the little kids groom the horses and get them tacked up, and then I set up the barrels for barrel racing or the pole-bending poles. And occasionally I muck stalls. XD And woop, got... more
                                                • ((You do?))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:12
                                                  ((That is so cool .)) ((Hurray! It does now have some planning in it--mainly just various ideas and a question or two--but that's it. No writing yet. I'm looking forward to adding some, though. ~DF))
                                                  • ((The cool part is when I get to ride.))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:27
                                                    ((I can jump two-foot gates, but I'm hoping to get to three over the summer. :3 And eee, can't wait to see it! Perhaps one thing we could do is have each scene headed with whatever question(s)... more
                                                    • ((Oooh.))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:36
                                                      ((Want to switch volunteer jobs for a day? You can come help exciting grade fives and adorable grade ones, and I can ride a horse so cool .)) ((Good luck getting three!)) ((Ooh, I like that idea,... more
                                                      • ((Sure, I'm good with kids!))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:42
                                                        ((Now, without looking it up, can you tell me what a fetlock is? Though actually, riding isn't (usually) part of my volunteer duties. I have lessons on Thursdays and like it there so much I wanted to ... more
                                                        • ((Bzuh.))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:46
                                                          ((Um. It...is probably not a tuft of hair at the top of a horse's face, so I'm going to go with...part of the hoof? I think it's just above the hoof? I think I need to reread my horse books. Fair... more
                                                          • ((You got it!))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:59
                                                            ((It's the tuft of hair on the back side of the leg just above the hoof. Very useful if a horse doesn't want to pick its feet up for cleaning. Aw man, I can't wait to see this start to devolve into... more
                                                            • ((Yesss, my memory is good!))DawnFire, Tue May 19 23:07
                                                              ((Fantastic. I am totally ready to volunteer with horses now. /nodnod/ Start to devolve into chaos? Oh, no, my dear Iximaz--it'll probably be chaotic from the very beginning. ...unless, of course, we ... more
                                                              • ((Zeb's hiding under the table, ears flat against his head, Nume's sitting straight-backed in his chair, trying to follow procedure, Corolla's just given up and buried her face in her hands, the... more
                                                                • (( Nah, Nume's only there under duress. ))Neshomeh, Wed May 20 10:16
                                                                  Possibly handcuffed to the chair so he can't escape, which he otherwise would at the first opportunity. Such as a bunch of bickering two-year-olds Time Lords drawing everyone's attention. Actually,... more
                                                                • ((Chakkik would probably try to restore order. He can cast Gem Missile: All, and there are few things more attention-grabbing than a hunk of diamond the size of a coconut pelting you in the head.... more
      • Another question for the Notary!Voyd, Tue May 19 14:21
        Why do you provoke people that are stronger than you? It honestly seems rather stupid to make enemies of a bunch of homicidal maniacs on a hair-trigger, and yet you seem hell-bent on doing so. That's ... more
        • "Provoke them?"Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:25
          "Hardly. I merely treat them as their innate inferiority requires me to; if this offends, then there is nothing I can do to change that."
          • If you say so.Voyd, Tue May 19 14:44
            Still, treating people as inferior... that seems like an invitation for someone to prove you wrong. Possibly with a weapon. You're not the least bit concerned about this?
            • "No, not really."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:46
              "I was a blockade runner during the Time War. I think I can stand up to the occasional grunting barbarian with a pointy stick."
              • Another question!Voyd, Tue May 19 15:59
                Did you choose "Spinel" as part of your title in the Continuity Council? If so, why?
                • "Basic gemology."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:13
                  "The Promotor's position was traditionally grey; neither white nor black, but a balance. Spinels are commonly grey. Hence my choice."
                  • That was actually really interesting!Voyd, Tue May 19 17:27
                    I was honestly expecting something rude and dismissive. Anyway, a few further questions! First: Is there anything about human culture that you do enjoy, or at least find intriguing? Second: Why do... more
                    • "Allow me to address them in order:"Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:31
                      "No, we are, and death is just a thing that happens. One might as well be in fear of coming rain. It's unnecessary to worry about that which is certain to occur."
                      • I wouldn't want to be in your shoes if you encountered an Evolved , for instance. He or she would probably eat you, absorb all your memories, and grow stronger from it. Time Lords are resilient and... more
                        • Speaking from books and experience...Rina Dives, Wed May 20 10:43
                          I think I can safely say that yes, we are stronger than humans— I had to get a new bow because I accidentally broke my old one— and have much better senses. I'm also faster than I was before, but... more
                        • "Consider."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 10:35
                          "A wolf is a thing that kills. It is intelligent. It hunts in packs. It is capable of ripping through flesh and hide with consummate ease. And yet, humans have domesticated it to become their pets... more
                          • Imagine this scenario, which totally isn't inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire. You're walking down the street, on your way to do whatever it is Time Lords do in their spare time. You pass a hobo on... more
                            • "Yes, that small subset of possibilities is very scary."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 11:34
                              "Congratulations. I shall have a "Being Very Scary" scout badge made for you. And how likely, exactly, is that situation? Or, if your ego will permit, allow me to offer a counter-example. "There is a ... more
                              • The source?Voyd, Wed May 20 11:38
                                Good luck with that. The source is damn near unkillable; even a nuclear blast didn't put him down.
                            • Oh... er...Voyd, Wed May 20 10:55
                              I just realized that Rina... probably has a problem with this description. I didn't even notice that you were there, I was talking to the Notary. Uh... sorry?
                              • *suppresses bile*Rina Dives, Wed May 20 10:58
                                No, no, it's... it's fine. Um, I'll just... be leaving now...
      • Questions for Wobbles and the Notary!Voyd, Tue May 19 14:12
        Notary: Is there anything in life that you do enjoy? ... that DOESN'T come at the expense of others, I mean. Wobbles: What's the best thing that's happened to you since you joined the PPC?
        • Oh, that's easy too!Agent Wobbles, DF, Tue May 19 14:19
          Gosh, I'm lucking out with these questions! =oD But yeah, everything's wonderful at the PPC! It certainly beats where I came from, but you didn't ask me about that so I won't bore you. I guess the... more
      • Alright, Wobbles, what's your trick?Iximaz, Tue May 19 14:11
        How do you put up with such an insufferable b**** of a partner? Notary, why are you such an insufferable b****?
        • Oh, that's easy!Agent Wobbles, DF, Tue May 19 14:15
          All you gotta do when you see a frown coming is turn the other cheek an' walk the other way! That way everything's bright and sunshiney for ever! =oD --- "... That came from Dives, didn't it." "I... more
    • Edhelistar's Agents' Mailbox! — Edhelistar, Tue May 19 13:59
      • Question for Shui-Hua Lui.Scapegrace, Sun May 24 04:42
        How come you're so cute? No, for real this time: since you're a technician, how do you use your bending to aid your work? Water knives to cut steel? Hydraulic fluid control? It seems like it'd be... more
        • Dawww, you flatter me.Edhelistar, Sun May 24 10:55
          Now regarding your actual question, mostly I don't use it. I don't have have the skill level to generate water blades with the precision required for my job, and hydraulics don't actually use water,... more
          • ((Physicist being physicist-y))SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 11:21
            ((Hydraulics doesn't have to do specifically with just water: it's just an application of fluid dynamics pertaining to liquids in general. And cooling engines is a thermodynamics problem. Heat... more
            • ((Well is all Avatar-verse rules.))Edhelistar, Sun May 24 11:54
              ((Waterbenders are never seen manipulating any sort of oil, only water and stuff that contains a lot of water, so just to be on the safe canonical side, let's say they can't. And yes, they can... more
        • *Shui-Hua Liu. Derp. *tidies up mini-Agent* (nm)Scapegrace, Sun May 24 05:43
      • Question for Solvig.SeaTurtle, Sat May 23 22:06
        What is your best time and difficulty for the Danger Room scenario? Have you ever attempted "Suicidal" difficulty?
        • Five minutes, forty-three seconds...Solvig Karinsdotter, Sun May 24 00:00
          ... on 'Suicidal' difficulty. I take more time on lower difficulties, holo-robots take more time to respawn y'know. Nurse Chan says that I take that much, 'cuz I spend too much time trashing 'bots,... more
      • Question for both agents.SkarmorySilver, Tue May 19 19:41
        Do you have any significant others at the PPC? Also, what were your respective homefics like, and how bad were they in terms of writing, characterization, etc.?
        • Significant other?Solvig Karinsdotter, Tue May 19 20:47
          Uh... Does my pet, Lizzie, count? And my homefic... well, it was never actually written... Yuuna : What does that euphemism mean? Family, lover, boyfriend? Whatever, the answer would be "No" on all... more
          • Question for Shui-Hua.Agent Cupid Carmine, DIC, Sat May 23 14:57
            First off, I know I'm not in the right position for this, given my nature and excessive drinking habits, but... I just wanted to apologize on Lapis' behalf. It was an honest mistake on her part,... more
            • Stay away from me, you creep!Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 17:17
              The Kryptonian told me enough about you, to know that I don't want you to be that near me. Good, now that we're clear on that, I'll answer your *beep!* question: That would the jasmine tea made in... more
              • That wasn't my intent, I swear!Agent Cupid Carmine, DIC, Sat May 23 17:32
                I already made that mistake once, and I've never made it since! Promise! Anyway, if you want, I'll pay for the tea. None of us intended to hurt your feelings. It's the least we can do to make up for... more
                • *twitch* Hurt my feelings?Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 18:16
                  HURT MY FEELINGS!? You... you... have no idea, you weren't there. The screams, the running, the pushing, the violet flashes, the explosions... *grabs her head* Oh Spirits, please make it stop...... more
                  • Are you all right, my dear?Sister January, Department of Fictional Psychology, Sat May 23 19:40
                    I think you really do need counseling... Again, noon tomorrow. I will be there to help in any way I can. Oh, and Cupid, please leave. Now. Whatever you had intended to do, it is clear as day that it... more
                    • No. I'm not.Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 21:38
                      I have been diagnosed *sniff* with PTSD by FicPsych, since I *sob* arrived here. I need to get to my quarters, *cough* tke my meds with some tea, *sob* and rest. Yes, sleep, that will do me well.... more
                      • Sleep would be good, yes.Sister January, Department of Fictional Psychology, Sat May 23 22:00
                        I can take you back to your RC, if you so wish. It's the least I can do for you. And rest assured that my patient and his partners will never bring this up ever again. *hugs her gently* (...Yeah. An... more
                        • ((The next day...))Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sun May 24 12:34
                          *beep. beep. click* Hi Sister January! Shui-Hua speaking. Just checked my schedule this morning, and I realized I cannot make it to the appointment. *sigh* I have "Preventive Maintenance for the... more
                          • Seems fair.Sister January, Department of Fictional Psychology, Sun May 24 15:36
                            I understand if you are busy. If you still wish to talk to me, you are welcome to come and see me at any time. In the meantime, best of luck with today's endeavor! (The thread's been set up! I'll... more
      • Oyes! I forgot! Another Mailbox!Edhelistar, Tue May 19 14:57
        Technician Shui-Hua Liu , Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology, Testing and Application Division, Technician in charge of the maintenance of the Danger Room. You can ask her questions here... more
      • Question for both agents. SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 14:17
        What was the scariest situation you have ever been in during one of your missions? How did you react?
        • "Ooh... Aaah... Uuuhm..."Solvig Karinsdotter, Tue May 19 14:49
          "... Hey Yunie. What's the scariest thingy we ever got in a mission?" Yuna: *facepalms and groans* Solvig: "What?" Yuna: *smacks Solvig on the forehead and clears her throat* "Now, whoever-you-are,... more
          • All right then, another question.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 15:04
            How are you guys getting along? Did you discover anything about your partner that drives you up the wall?
            • "Are you seriously asking that question?"Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Tue May 19 18:34
              *sigh* "I hate her stupid non sequitur s, I hate the way she speaks, I hate that stupid orange lizard she got for a pe-- You know what, scratch all of that, I hate everything about her." Solvig: "You ... more
    • Phobos' Agents' mailboxPhobos, Tue May 19 13:46
      You have reached the collected mailboxes of Barid, Brightbeard, Decima, Durotar, Kur'nak, Phobos and Voltarmi. Please leave a message after the tone and they will get back to you at their earliest... more
      • Another for Barid!Iximaz, Wed May 20 07:28
        First of all, I just want to say you accent is awesome. ;) Anyway, is there a secret to making such good-looking shrunken heads?
        • What accent?Barid, Wed May 20 10:25
          An' da secret to'a propaly made shrunken head is love. Ya gotta love ya work, ya know? Den, and only den, can ya have de attention ta detail necessary ta cut off ya enemie's head, skin it, magically... more
          • Alright, neat!Iximaz, Wed May 20 11:27
            Is love also how you got such good spin on those cinnamon buns, or is that just really good aim? :P
            • Dat's diff'rentBarid, Wed May 20 13:31
              Dat's down ta da aerodynamics of da bun. Dat's jus' science, dat is.
      • Question for Oopart.Gaspard De Grasse, Tue May 19 17:28
        I've been reliably informed that you've gone back in time to prevent a PPC apocalypse of some sort. Can we arrange a meeting or something and compare notes? I've got my own catastrophe to prevent and ... more
        • Re: Question for Oopart.Agent Oopart,, DMS, Wed May 20 10:00
          I don't really know how much help I can be on this. I don't remember much about the events of my future. Everything is really hazy and my head hurts. But, listen... You've got to get me out of here... more
        • Look, I keep telling you guys:Lucy Illiond, Demas Paladin, Wed May 20 05:32
          You're mucking with something that didn't need mucking with . The timeline was perfectly fine the way it was before y'all tried to 'fix' it. I mean, yes, sure, the Sundering was a bit of a mess - but ... more
      • Question for any agents of Azeroth:Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:11
        What are your thoughts on the current affairs of the Alliance and Horde, along with the Draenor fiasco?
        • Re: Question for any agents of Azeroth:Brightbeard, Wed May 20 10:10
          That's quite a question, lad. I dinnae think I've the time tae get intae all the political nuances recquired tae answer that tae the fullest extent. However, I will say that I ne'er liked Garrosh as... more
          • Follow-up!Darkotas, Wed May 20 11:41
            Perfectly understandable, then. Garrosh wasted what potential he was given, I think. Alright, my next question for you: I've heard that you're both an accomplished blacksmith and a Paladin. What is... more
            • Re: Follow-up!Brightbeard, Wed May 20 13:29
              The best thing about being a Paladin is that ye have the abilities and strength necessary tae be a shield for the powerless. As for smithing, well, each piece is unique. Each a new challenge, and a... more
        • Draenor?Arinellya, Tue May 19 17:38
          *composure breaks for a half second* Prophet Velen... Even if he was of the alternate timeline, I... You know what, I think I will leave it for Master Brightbeard and the troll to answer.
      • Questions for Barid and Brightbeard!Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:54
        What do you guys think of the Pandaren? Have either of you heard of the player DoubleAgent?
        • Re: Questions for Barid and Brightbeard!Phobos, Tue May 19 14:25
          Barid: Da Pandaren are'a bunch'a weirdos if ya ask me. What's da point'a all dat meditatin' anyway? Now, don' get me wrong, I do like dere beer, an' all. Just wish dey'd pick'a sida a'ready.... more
    • DawnFire's Agents' Mailbox!DawnFire, Tue May 19 13:39
      Hurrah! Taking questions for pretty much everyone: -Abaddon -Agen____t -Brenda -Charlie -Dawn -Edgar -Kozar -The Reader -T'Zar Anyone who catches your fancy, really. If you can think of another agent ... more
      • And another for the Reader!Iximaz, Tue May 19 15:53
        If it's not too personal, of course. So, first time you regenerated into the opposite sex. What was your first reaction?
        • -Time War question. First time I regenerated into the opposite sex? To be perfectly honest, I was mainly preoccupied with two things: a, that I was finally off Gallifrey, and b, that Gallifrey was... more
          • As a matter of fact, yes!Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:52
            What was your time at the Academy like? I love hearing stories about that, since I won't ever get to go myself. :3
      • Question for the Reader.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 14:24
        Did you participate in the Time War? I can't remember if you fell into HQ before or after it.
        • ...Ah.The Reader, Tue May 19 14:32
          I...wouldn't quite say that I participated in it, exactly, but...I was on Gallifrey. I was still in the Academy when it started, and then, when it got really bad, I left to find a way off the planet. ... more
      • Their names are Gurnirel (female) and Naergondir (male). Both are Noldorin, though Gurnirel has Vanyarin blood as well, and they hail from the First Age. They're also both in SIELU. ~DF
    • Huinesoron's Agents' MailboxHuinesoron, Tue May 19 13:34
      The main active four are probably Kaitlyn, Selene, Huinesoron, and Morgan - but anyone with missions on my Webplex or a mention on my Wiki profile is fair game! Though if they're retired or dead,... more
      • Question for Agent Kaitlyn Jackson:Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Thu May 21 12:01
        What inspired you to do the Driftwood missions and how would you feel if other agents followed on your footsteps? [Incoming transmission from the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth.] "Is... more
        • Replies:Huinesoron, Fri May 22 04:23
          Kaitlyn: Uh... Intelligence sent me the reports, so I had to do them? And I'd love it if everyone else did their jobs too? OH WAIT you mean the reports and the concrit, don't you? Well, I just... more
          • Thank you Agent Jackson.Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Fri May 22 10:45
            You're truly an inspiration for us all. *glares at someone in the distance* ((Actually is both! After all the concrit was given in-character, wasn´t it? ;) That reminds me... Neither Boarder, nor the ... more
            • ((Sure she did!))Huinesoron, Fri May 22 12:00
              ((Kaitlyn said she'd love it if other people did their jobs, too. Ohhhhh, you mean the other thing...)) Kaitlyn: Oh yeah! I think it'd be brilliant if other people did the whole concrit thing. Ella... more
      • Questions for Haar.doctorlit, Thu May 21 00:21
        Do you malfunction frequently? When you do, do you go to Medical or DoSAT? What's the redundancy PPC agents report most frequently? Why are you named Harpoon? Are you a fishing robot? Do you need to... more
      • And one for Agent Huinesoron.Iximaz, Wed May 20 07:24
        What's it like being the most fabulous elf in all of HQ?
        • But I'm not.Huinesoron, Wed May 20 08:35
          Legolas is down in FicPsych right now, and he is far more amazing than I am. [Cue Agent Kaitlyn dropping out of the ceiling] Kaitlyn: Wow, Hawky was right, that's really useful. Wh-? Oh, it's you!... more
      • Got another for Morgan!Iximaz, Wed May 20 06:27
        If you had a renegade name, what would it be?
        • 'A renegade name', 'a renegade name'.Huinesoron, Wed May 20 07:18
          Ancient stars, but I'm tired of hearing that description. Look, the whole mystical 'ooh, I'll hide my name and take a The Title to show that I'm a rebel' thing is just... silly. Why would you do... more
          • ((... The Reader went by the Wanderer. Well, technically that was the regeneration just before her current one, but since she wasn't originally even in the PPC and couldn't regenerate on a mission, I ... more
          • that thing claiming to be the protagonist of The Host . So, another question: *gestures at the squabbling Time Lords* Thoughts?
            • Many of them.Morgan, Wed May 20 08:27
              I'm prone to thinking, me. Oh, you mean about my... esteemed... colleagues? I don't know; I'm somewhere between 'behold the majesty of Gallifrey, can you believe we didn't ever take over the... more
      • Hey, Selene!Valon Vance, DF, Tue May 19 19:49
        Have you ever met a problem that couldn't be solved by fire? I have, unfortunately... that problem almost strangled me... *curls up in a corner*
        • No, of course not.Selene etc Windflower, Wed May 20 01:26
          Everything can be solved by fire, or rather, by the correct application of fire. Take for example my recent... instability. You might think that fire would be useless in that situation - but Dafydd... more
          • What my traumatized partner meant was...Kala Jeng, DF, Wed May 20 09:40
            Have you ever encountered a problem that's immune to fire? We had to kill a dragon Stu in our last mission, and Valon tried firebombing him. It worked on the Harry Potter replacements, but not on the ... more
            • See my previous answer.Selene etc Windflower, Wed May 20 09:58
              Nothing is immune to correctly applied fire. It's only if you think of the pyrotechnic arts as consisting entirely of 'set fire to Suvian' that you have a problem, but fire can do so much more . It... more
      • One for Morgan!Iximaz, Tue May 19 16:31
        Which do you think is easier: Keeping the Continuity Council in line, or herding cats?
      • Hallo to Herr Ventvay!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Tue May 19 14:07
        It ist becomink most clear to me und mein partner zat your are beink less zan entirely supportive uff our presence in zer Department. Zis state uff affairs may not be allowed to continue! I am... more
        • Doktor Trollenfisch und Gabrielle:Mortic Wentway, Tue May 19 15:03
          Ja, ich möchte eine Umarmung, aber nicht von Ihnen. Ich würde lieber sehen meine Frau, nicht Sie. Aber vielen Dank für das Angebot. >Mort
          • Aw, that's too bad.Gabrielle, Tue May 19 16:15
            I'm all fluffy and cuddly and warm! Lots of agents like to hug me! Some of them squeeze too tight, but I don't mind. :3
      • *waves* Hi, Selene!Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:37
        What's it like having a perky hobbit-lover as a partner? Kaitlyn, what's it like having Mrs. Grumpy as a partner? Dafydd, how's the family? ((Sorry, you just had to tempt me...))
        • Replies from the team.Huinesoron, Tue May 19 14:55
          Selene: Ugh. Don't. Just... don't. Kaitlyn: Nah, Selene's not so bad. She's just a bit highly strung. She- hey, did she answer a question too? Ooh! I wanna see! ... ... wow. Um, didn't see that... more
    • Desdendelle's agents' mailboxDesdendelle, Tue May 19 13:32
      Taking questions for: -Agent!Desdendelle -The Librarian -Navare -Amris
      • Alright, Agent Des.Iximaz, Wed May 20 12:06
        *offers coffee*
      • Hello, Librarian!Valon Vance, DF, Wed May 20 09:31
        What are some of your favorite works of literature?
      • And again for the Librarian.Iximaz, Wed May 20 09:15
        Why do you hate everything? Why 'the Librarian'? Is your real name Alfonso? I bet it is.
        • I'll answer those for him.Agent Desdendelle, Wed May 20 11:46
          I don't want him to get any more... irritated. I have to live with him, remember? Anyway: -The Librarian doesn't 'hate everything'. First, there are a few things he actually likes - books, computers, ... more
      • One for the Librarian:Iximaz, Tue May 19 16:01
        Do you use product on your hair? Because dang, you look fabulous.
      • Questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:03
        For Agent!Des: what is the defining trait of a good tea? For The Librarian: What is the best thing about being a Time Lord?
        • Answers?Desdendelle, Tue May 19 15:05
          Des: Good tea has no single defining trait. It is a mixture of traits that makes one brew heavenly and the other - unworthy of the name. Librarian: Why, the inherent superiority, of course.
          • More questions! Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:36
            For A!Des: What is the strangest thing you have ever seen? For The Librarian: Is there a part of Gallifreyan culture you dislike, and why?
            • More answers? More answers.Desdendelle, Tue May 19 15:45
              Des: Lemme quote Shakespeare as a generalisation: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Librarian: Is this a joke question?
      • Question for the Librarian.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 14:13
        What is this Osiris business and why are you interested in it? Does it have something to do with your past?
        • The Osirian Riddle, if you will.The Librarian, Tue May 19 14:16
          I suspect that this memory-related quest - 'riddle' is a misnomer; its scale is too large for it to consist of but a single one - would let me reach that which I require. It only has to do with my... more
      • Agent Desdendelle:Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Tue May 19 14:02
        So, when do we met again to enjoy some Ba Sing Se-style jasmine tea?
        • ((T&A, huh?))Scapegrace, Tue May 19 18:18
          ((One wonders what they do all day. Do their gadgets come in plain brown envelopes? >=] ))
        • Hum...Agent Desdendelle, Tue May 19 14:05
          Time is a weird concept here in HQ. You should try to find RC 3-Apple-14 - you'd end up in log e , no doubt, and might even find me there.
          • "That was the o-only time I ever..."Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Tue May 19 18:41
            "...got lost, and that has ne-- *realization kicks in* I... got lost again... I... uhm... Do you know what kind of tea does Agent Dives like?"
      • For the Librarian:Zeb, Tue May 19 13:55
        How do you really feel about Rina? ;) Uh, that's all the time I have for today, I think my partner's about to try and kill me. *runs off*
        • *huff*The Librarian, Tue May 19 14:01
          That question does not merit an answer.
          • Come on, Librarian, we deal in knowledge.The Reader, ConCounThingy--confound it., Tue May 19 14:21
            Where's your sense of fun? -R
            • No, no, I got this.Rina Dives, Tue May 19 14:27
              *clears throat and affects a deeper voice* "Dives is an immature and primitive monkey with no respect for her superiors." And before anyone can ask, I hate him, too.
              • You are not worthy of my hatred, Ms Dives. (nm)The Librarian, Tue May 19 14:29
                • I don't have to listen to your nonsense. Good-bye, and good luck finding a surgeon to remove that pole jammed up your—
                  • NOW KIIIIIIIIIISS! :DSpinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:45
                    No, don't, I've just eaten. It's still repugnant, even if it isn't bestiality any more.
                    • I think I threw up in my mouth a little. (nm)Rina Dives, Tue May 19 15:12
                      • Notary...Agent Desdendelle, Tue May 19 15:25
                        You continue like this and you'll be seeing your innards.
                        • Chill, man.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 15:36
                          The Notary falls under "PPC personnel", something which my department is sworn to protect. Don't do anything stupid, okay? I don't like her either but that's how the game works. Besides, she plays... more
                          • I didn't murder anyone... yet.Agent Desdendelle, Tue May 19 15:47
                            But you try having to live with the Librarian for any stretch of time and we'll see how tranquil you will be afterwards. Anebrin, at least, had the decency to mind his own business most of the time.
                            • Woah, guys, everyone calm down.Iximaz, Tue May 19 15:59
                              Now let's all go back to our respective mailboxes and forget this little spat happened, yes? *overly-hopeful grin*
                              • "Why bother?"Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:18
                                "If the Grunt and the headtaker wish to belabour each other about the face with sharp objects, I see no reason to object. In fact, I'd rather assumed that such an occasion warranted not so much... more
                  • Rina, for Chrissake.Agent Desdendelle, Tue May 19 14:44
                    Now I have to deal with the leftovers. Again. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
                    • Just send him over here, Agent DesdendelleThe Reader, Tue May 19 14:48
                      If he's any good at TARDIS repair, I could use his help. If not, well, it's been a while since I had a good argument with someone who wasn't the Notary, and I can feed him. By the time you get him... more
                      • Did you say "TARDIS repair"? Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 14:53
                        Oh, I can lend you a hand with that. Just gimme a call and I'll have your back: it's been ages since I last got to work on a TARDIS! What model is it? I can get my old manuals out and send them over... more
                        • I, uh, might have to look up the model number.The Reader, Tue May 19 20:16
                          I mean, don't get me wrong, I have some idea of what I'm doing (mainly because I didn't throw the manual into a sun), but, uh, half of my manual is missing, and I'm really just kind of hoping that it ... more
                          • No problemo. Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 21:34
                            Send me few pictures of your manual--cover, spine, information page-- and I'll find you the complete edition. I've got loads of old manuals lying around. Just gimme a call whenever you're free and... more
                            • Fantastic.The Reader, Tue May 19 22:25
                              It, uh, doesn't have a front cover, and part of the spine was burned off at some point, but I'll send you what I can. If you can figure out which edition it actually is, I will be incredibly... more
                              • ((Most likely a "disappointed" speech...))SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 22:35
                                ((...at first, but if she explain her position he'll realize that he's being harsh. The Guardsman was fresh out of the Academy when the war hit-- he'd understand if a student wanted off the planet.... more
                                • ((Got it.))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:42
                                  ((The Reader was titchy during the Time War. She's currently only about 150 years old. I'm not sure how much it'll ever come up, but she's actually missing chunks of the knowledge that people like... more
                                  • ((Just have her blurt out...))SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 22:47
                                    ((...something along the lines of "But I was at the Academy!" The Guardsman will then ask for her age and connect the dots. Boom, problem solved!))
                                    • ((Though she did stay for a bit. It could definitely work if he says something like 'What sort of Time Lord runs away instead of fighting when they hear that Gallifrey's going to war?' whereupon she... more
                                      • ((Is this going to become a thing?))Iximaz, Tue May 19 23:04
                                        ((Because if not, it should. I would read the heck outta that! And yes. Yes they are.))
                                        • ((Well, I'm definitely in.))DawnFire, Tue May 19 23:21
                                          ((Like I've been saying, it sounds like fun. And I'm just about always up for writing Time Lords being ridiculous(ly dramatic). Thoughts, O French-speaking compatriot of mine? Other than that it's... more
                                          • ((I'd love to.))SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 12:53
                                            ((I just have a rather busy schedule as of late-- looking for a job and all that. Perhaps we could open up a shared GDoc and each add a part when we have time-- build it up paragraph by paragraph?... more
                                            • ((Fantastic!))DawnFire, Wed May 20 13:47
                                              ((Ooh, that sounds great. I think it'd work quite well. I'll see about emailing you when I get home and can do it on a laptop. Time Lord high school drama. Perfect description. Let's see, we'll have... more
                                              • ((Is it bad that...))Iximaz, Wed May 20 13:56
                                                ((When you said "Time Lord high school drama", my brain went "high school AU what??" ))
                                                • ((Ixi, nooooooo))Anonymous, Wed May 20 13:58
                                                  ((Now I might write that. ~DF))
                                                  • ((Not if I beat you to it!))Iximaz, Wed May 20 14:02
                                                    ((With the Notary as the Alpha Bitch, the Librarian as the Haughty Nerd, the Guardsman as That Nice Guy on the football team, Rina as the awkward social outcast, and the Reader as... I dunno?))
                                                    • ((You said "Nice Guy"...))SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 14:24
                                                      ((...and suddenly the Guardsman grew a neckbeard and a fedora. This is your fault, Iximaz.))
                                                      • ((I'm over here just going 'wat'.))
                                                        • ((You know? The "Nice Guy" stereotype?))SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 14:55
                                                          ((Like this but in person: No?))
                                                          • ((You know...))Voyd, Wed May 20 15:59
                                                            ((Whenever someone brings up the "Nice Guy™ Stereotype," I feel the urge to link to this .))
                                                          • ((Ohh.))Iximaz, Wed May 20 15:00
                                                            ((Alright, gotcha. ...the mental image of everyone in a high school AU won't stop. Now I'm imagining them all as teenagers. :/ ))
                                                            • ((The Reader would be...))DawnFire, Wed May 20 18:28
                                                              ((...the loner, I think. The one who barely talks to people unless forced, and can be kind of snappish. Glares at everyone, some days. And either hates or is completely ignored by the Notary?... more
                                                              • ((Too late, we are making this happen!))Iximaz, Wed May 20 20:44
                                                                ((SeaTurtle, mind if we borrow the Guardsman to swing by and stumble upon a bunch of kids shouting at each other? XD ))
                                                                • ((Go ahead.))SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 20:51
                                                                  ((My only request is that I give his appearance a look-over to make sure he's not OOC-- not that I doubt your ability as a writer, of course.))
                                            • ((She hasn't been around since last year.))Iximaz, Wed May 20 13:00
                                              ((I think? Unless anyone's seen her lately?))
                        • TARDIS repair?!Rina Dives, Tue May 19 14:55
                          Oh please oh please may I come to watch?!
                          • *shrugs* It's fine with me.The Reader, Tue May 19 20:37
                            Actually, I'm not sure we've met properly yet. Hey there. I'm the Reader. I'm also the Citrine Theorist and Onyx Monitor of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-In-Exile, or the...ConCounGalInExile?... more
                            • Right, yes, introductions.Rina Dives, Tue May 19 21:28
                              Well, considering everyone seems to know who I am, seems a bit silly, but yeah, I'm Rina Dives, DMS. Very nice to meet you, much nicer than the Notary or the Librarian. Are you sure you don't mind... more
                              • No, I definitely don't mind.The Reader, Tue May 19 22:04
                                First of all, it's quite literally my job, which I do take seriously, no matter what the Notary (or anyone else) might think. Second--we seem to be getting along so far, and I've read enough of your... more
                                • "Ah, well..."Rina Dives, Tue May 19 22:09
                                  *glances around and whispers* The questions are... erm, a bit embarrassing? Maybe later? And WOO-HOO, AWESOME! Um, I mean, great! The only TARDIS I've seen is the Doctor's, and only in badfics at... more
                                  • Of course.The Reader, Tue May 19 22:31
                                    Well, don't get too excited. I mean, get excited, but--be aware that this is a TARDIS in need of repair, and that I won't be too pleased if she ends up in need of more repair, if you catch my drift.... more
                                    • *holds up right hand* Rina Dives, Tue May 19 22:48
                                      I swear to treat her as if she were mine. *huge grin* I'm gonna get to see a TARDIS oh this is so exciting ahhh!
            • Fun?!The Librarian, Tue May 19 14:25
              I do not have time for frivolity. I waste enough time running around and destroying Dalek Stus as things are, when I should be spending it chasing after the Riddle.
      • Question for Des and the Librarian!Voyd, Tue May 19 13:45
        What's the best thing that's happened to you since you joined the PPC? I know some people say that the job is nothing but horrible, but there are good points to it! ...yes, I know I just asked Rina... more
    • Voyd's Agents' MailboxVoyd, Tue May 19 13:31
      Agents accepting questions: Valon Vance Kala Jeng Chakkik Gabby I would have said Publica and Adéle, but a) they haven't appeared that much, and b) they're not technically agents.
      • Question for Kala and Valon.SeaTurtle, Sat May 23 21:58
        Now that you guys are capital-"o" Offically A Couple... now what?
        • Re: Question for Kala and Valon.Voyd, Sun May 24 15:45
          Valon: Haven't the foggiest! Never been in a relationship before, guess I can learn as I go! Not every guy gets to date an industrial-class version of nature's very own tank. Besides, I have less... more
      • Question for Kala.Agent Velociripper, DF, Tue May 19 19:51
        Are there any creatures or beings immune to your venom? How would you react in the presence of animals that prey on mundane scorpions?
        • Hmm...Kala Jeng, Tue May 19 19:59
          We girtablilu are immune to our own venom. You wouldn't believe how often we accidentally sting ourselves as kids. Our own legends say that dragons aren't bothered by it, but I have yet to test that. ... more
      • Question for all.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 15:27
        What is the most dangerous situation each of you have ever been in? How did you react?
        • Re: Question for all.Voyd, Tue May 19 15:36
          Chakkik: the smauglock stu that gabby and myself encountered in our second mission. had the stu not woken ancalagon, we may not have survived the encounter. Gabby: Nah, Chak's exaggerating. We just... more
      • Questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 14:40
        For Chakkik: What did you find most difficult about adapting to a human disguise? For Gabby: I've heard that you have quite a bit of intimate friends. Got a preferred type? For Kala: What is the... more
        • Re: Questions!Voyd, Tue May 19 14:52
          Chakkik: the loss of my natural abilities. \ i can understand being unable to cast gem missile, as i have no connection to gnome in most continua. however, the inability to breathe acid on my foes is ... more
          • More questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 14:56
            For ALL the agents: What annoys you most about your partner?
            • Re: More questions!Voyd, Tue May 19 15:01
              Chakkik: the fact that she brings guests into our response center without my knowledge or permission. Gabby: Chak talks waaaaay too much. I don't even know a lot of the words he says. Kala: He's... more
              • You have answers? I have questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:15
                Chakkik: What is your greatest fear? Gabby: What is the coolest thing about the PPC? Kala: Is there a situation you hope never to face? Valon: What is your favorite type of Mini?
                • Re: You have answers? I have questions!Voyd, Tue May 19 15:22
                  Chakkik: i am an insect. i only feel fear when there is something to be afraid of. Gabby: The fact that you don't get deported if you accidentally knock a wall down! Kala: The full moon. I'm not sure ... more
    • Iximaz's Agents' Mailbox (nm)Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:26
      • Pika pi pika-pika-chu ka kachu-kaaa! Thrud the Pikachu, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Div., Sun May 24 13:50
        ((Translation: Question for Zeb and Gabrielle!)) Kaaa pi Chuu chu chu pikachu pikapi pi pi-i Pi pikachu pikaa pi? ((How does it feel to be in an Action Department?)) Maya, the Gardevoir : I must... more
        • "Action Department?"Iximaz, Sun May 24 15:21
          Zeb: Well, most of the time, it's pretty fun, until you get a Sue actively trying to kill you instead of the other way around. Then it's flat-out terrifying. I've had my remote activator's speed dial ... more
      • Question for Zebby-zeb.SeaTurtle, Sat May 23 21:56
        I can call you Zebby-zeb, right? Anyways: what do you like so much about the Inheritance Cycle ? You realize that Eragon is a thinly-veiled maniac, right?
        • Everything!Zeb, Sat May 23 23:27
          And sure! My partner's called me Zebbie-O before, Zebbie-zeb is fine with me! Anyway, yeah, I just love the storyline, the worldbuilding, the history, the Ancient Language— What do you mean,... more
      • Hallo Herr Zeb!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Fri May 22 07:14
        I am beink given to understand zat you are ein very experienced Poké-agent, und vish to know zis; vhat is zer proper meta for zer destruction uff zer Suvian threat? I do not vish to be ein liability... more
        • Oh, a Qwilfish!Zeb, Fri May 22 11:35
          I haven't seen one of you in person! *waves* You and the little Flareon took out Christmas Cuppa, right? Rina won't let me look at the mission report, but well done! Um, anyway, as for your question, ... more
          • Ah, jawohl!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Fri May 22 17:42
            Mein moveset ist generally beink consistink uff Vaterfall, Thunder Vave, Spikes, und Toxic, but I am likink to svitch out zer stuff every now und again, my vord yes! I am given to vunder vhat zer... more
      • Question for both of you.SkarmorySilver, Tue May 19 19:42
        Why are you so awesome?! 8D In all seriousness, though... How come you two were able to finish so many missions so quickly? Yeah, I know that may have resulted in some pretty adverse side-effects,... more
        • "Um..."Iximaz, Tue May 19 19:58
          Rina: Us, awesome? *snorts* Please. Zeb: Aw, come on, it's nice to get some recognition! Rina: And we could do with less. Eh, anyway. We actually don't have that many missions done compared to other... more
          • Speaking of Randa- is she here to answer questions?OrangeYoshi99, Tue May 19 20:56
            If so, what's working in Bad Slash like?
            • Woah, wait, someone wants to talk to me?Randa Roan, Tue May 19 20:59
              *waves* Hi there! Bad Slash is a helluva lot more fun than DMS, lemme tell you. And the risk of death is a lot lower, which is why I swapped in the first place. It's nice, so... yeah. :)
              • Holey moley! Is Randa Roan!Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 12:30
                Hi! I'm your biggest fan and the founder of the "Randa Roan Fan Club", which has a membership consisting of... uhm... me. Anyway, here's my question: Do you still have that awesome Sue-Hair Yo-yo?
      • Here:OrangeYoshi99, Tue May 19 19:09
        For Zeb, (or Rina if she happens to know,): How do potions work? Do you drink them? For Both: What is the most bizzare thing a SPaG error has ever caused for you?
        • Re: Here:Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:01
          Zeb: Well, potions seal up the wound until the trainer can get us to a Pokémon Center. Rina: Heck if I know. Open bag, click "use potion" and bam, regain hit points. - - - Zeb: Hm, I dunno. Maybe... more
      • Question for Zeb.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 15:18
        If you ever plan on going to the PPC Agent school run by the Department of Operations, what language (besides English) do you want to study?
        • Wait, there are other languages?Zeb, Tue May 19 15:38
          Rina: *mutters something* Oh, okay! Um, well, since apparently Harry Potter spells are based off of Latin, that sounds cool- no, wait! The Ancient Language from Eragon! Well, only if they teach that. ... more
          • Ach ja!Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Tue May 19 17:55
            I vill be holdink ein course in German later! Just as soon as I have zer slightest idea vhat German is.
      • Questions for Rina and ZebScapegrace, Tue May 19 14:24
        Rina: How is your burgeoning romance with the Librarian going? Any saucy details? What else do Time Lord boys have two of? The public DEMANDS TO KNOW! Zeb: Since you have Intimidate, are you shipping ... more
        • *sputtering noises*Iximaz, Tue May 19 14:30
          Rina: *goes storming off* Zeb: Oh, no, I'm not cut out for all that romance-y stuff, but I think it would sure be cool if Rina and the Librarian got together. He just needs to realize he's not as... more
      • What aspects of human culture do you find most strange? Also, for us non-Pokemon... what does it feel like to evolve? Oh, and a question for Rina as well: If you could be any magical creature from... more
        • "Oh, um..."Iximaz, Tue May 19 14:25
          Zeb: I'd have to say your guys' mating rituals. All the little nuances still seem to escape me... As for evolving, your whole body starts to feel all tingly, and then suddenly you glow really bright... more
          • Interesting, interesting! More questions:Darkotas, Tue May 19 14:35
            First, for Rina: If you could give any one piece of advice for a new, prospective agent, what would it be? For Zeb: if you could learn any move in existance, what would you choose? For Arinellya:... more
            • "One piece of advice?"Iximaz, Tue May 19 14:47
              Rina: Get out while you still can. Zeb: Oh, gosh, I don't know, there are so many good ones! Maybe Close Combat? That would be neat! Arinellya: Several centuries' worth of learning to be a priest.... more
              • *presents a present* (nm)Scapegrace, Tue May 19 14:58
                • ((Dammit, misclicked.))Scapegrace, Tue May 19 15:00
                  Anyway, this is a special TM. Ignore the eldritch runes and screaming. This is a TM for Hyperspace Fury. Dark-type. 100 Base Power. Full accuracy. +2 Priority. Hits through Protect/Detect and similar ... more
              • Follow-ups!Darkotas, Tue May 19 14:53
                For Arinellya: Several centuries of training, eh? Interesting. Alright, a follow-up question, but a bit personal: Why Bad Slash? I assume you would have to have an extensive knowledge of things you... more
                • "Oh, dear."Iximaz, Tue May 19 15:46
                  Arinellya: I apologize, but I'd rather not answer that. My love life, regardless of any status, is my own business. You could all stand to be more respectful of Agents Dives and Librarian, I'm sure... more
                  • Okay, one more for now...Darkotas, Tue May 19 17:06
                    For ALL agents: what are the most annoying things about your partner or anything they do?
                    • Re: Okay, one more for now...Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:17
                      Rina: Zeb's so clueless sometimes. Honestly, considering how long he's spent in badfics... *shakes head* Zeb: Um, hrm, well, before it was her tendency to get upset and start throwing tantrums... I... more
                      • Questions: The Sequel!Darkotas, Wed May 20 11:06
                        The first one is for Rina. At the start of your career, you were known to use a crowbar. Why did you pick that particular tool as a weapon? For Zeb: In humanoid forms, you tend to use knives. Got any ... more
                        • "Ever read the Zombie Survival Guide?"Iximaz, Wed May 20 11:14
                          Rina: I had a copy that I used to read quite a bit— man, I remember the days when the only thing that scared me was the threat of a zombie apocalypse. *wry grin* Good for bashing skulls, opening... more
                          • Indeed I have. Quite a useful book, yes?Darkotas, Wed May 20 12:06
                            Okay, new few questions! For Kalen: Do you have a favorite technique in combat? If so, what situation is it best used in? For Rina: as someone who works with a nonhuman agent, what is the most... more
                            • "All right, now we're talkin'!"Iximaz, Wed May 20 12:15
                              Kalen: F***in' Sly Flourish, man. It's definitely my favorite move, since it's so deceptively simple and packs huge power! Aw man, one time, when we were fighting a fire bear... *drones on* Rina:... more
                              • Re: "All right, now we're talkin'!"Darkotas, Wed May 20 12:24
                                Awesome answers, thank you! Okay, next up: For Rina: out of all of the other agent teams you have worked with, which has been your favorite? For Zeb: Other than Rina, who or what has been your... more
                                • "Easy."Iximaz, Wed May 20 12:32
                                  Rina: Marvin and Printworthy. Both of them were pretty awesome. Desdendelle and Ilraen were great, but their partners are such assholes it doesn't let him make the list. Sorry, guys. Zeb: Huh? Um,... more
                      • Und I love you too, Gabrielle.Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT, Tue May 19 18:00
                        It ist zer love uff good friends, ja? Vee are two very dear friends, vhich is as it should be between Agents, my vord yes! Und you are havink many fine qwalities und ein useful role as ein physical... more
      • For Zeb:DawnFire, Tue May 19 13:44
        How weird do you find being in human disguise? Have you ever tried non-human disguise? If so, how was it? ~DF
        • Re: For Zeb:Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:52
          Zeb: Well, it was really weird at first, especially the bipedal thing, but you get used to it. I must say, though, opposable thumbs are a nice bonus. As for other disguises, I've been a Lord of the... more
      • Question for Rina and Zeb!Voyd, Tue May 19 13:35
        What's the best thing that's happened to you since you joined the PPC? I know some people say that the job is nothing but horrible, but there are good points to it! ...somehow that was English.
        • Re: Question for Rina and Zeb!Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:40
          Rina: Hm, that's a toughie, since the job kind of sucks. I guess, really, just getting to see all the different continuua I grew up with. Being able to protect them makes the job worth it. Then... more
    • SeaTurtle's Agents' MailboxSeaTurtle, Tue May 19 13:25
      Taking questions for: Gaspard De Grasse Harris Frost Terabyte Emiranlanoamar
      • One for Emiranlanoamar!Iximaz, Sat May 23 17:49
        (Well, two. Did you know your name's really awesome?) Anyway, I know you don't like the Continuity Council, but do you get along with any of its members, at least?
        • My name?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 20:30
          Direct your compliments to my parents: I didn't do anything. Baby, I was born this way. With respect to the Continuity Council... ugh. Let's go though the list, shall we? The Fisherman - Never met... more
          • It's still a nice name.Iximaz, Sat May 23 23:31
            Much nicer than mine, that's for sure. My parents got it into their head to name me after a very shallow romantic comedy with abhorrent characters and whose plot I saw coming from miles away. But I... more
            • Now you're talking.SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 10:27
              Dream model? Prydonian Type 83. With its oversized engine, elegant computer architecture, tough-as-nails time-recursion shielding, and compact room design it's the finest exploration ship we've ever... more
              • Uh, could I butt in?Agent Wobbles, DF, Sun May 24 18:48
                It's not a Prydonian, but the Notary's TARDIS is a type 83. I... think she said it was that. I'd check, but, um, that's a big ol' nono. And you can get some requisition forms for that, because she... more
                • So you heard me, then?Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 20:21
                  Right. Sorry you had to hear that. I really need to keep a lid on things like this. So, a Type 83 blockade runner. I bet she mistreats it, too. She's a clerk: what does she know of TARDIS repair? The ... more
                  • ((Misremembering.))Scapegrace, Sun May 24 20:28
                    ((This is what I get for not keeping everything on file. =] ))
              • Gonna have to agree with you on that.Iximaz, Sun May 24 16:37
                The Type 100s kind of creep me out, to be honest. The Type 83 sounds fantastic, though. :) Now, me, if I were lucky enough to have a TARDIS, I'd pick a Type 52.
      • Another question for Mister de Grasse!Voyd, Fri May 22 15:43
        Are you Eeyore? No, Goober from Fraggle Rock. Wait a tick, scratch that, Nozomu Itoshiki! Er, no, that's not it either... Dolorous Edd Tollett! Is that you, Edd? How's life in the Night's Watch? ((I... more
        • Oh, I know Eeyore.Gaspard De Grasse, Fri May 22 16:24
          He's strangely relatable on quite a few levels, actually. No idea about the other characters, though. I can google that, though, gimme a minute... ah, I see. Yeah, no. Eeyore it is.
      • How would you feel if someone of your preferred gender (if any) said that they thought you were attractive? Directly to your face, that is, before Mister de Grasse considers dodging. ((And I'm... more
        • Harris: Well.SeaTurtle, Fri May 22 14:38
          Harris: Do a little small talk, ask her out on a date, hope everything goes right. Isn't that what people do? Gaspard: A girl calling me attractive? It's an obvious trap. Why else would anyone pay... more
      • "Sir! Sir... Emiranlomaar? I beg a moment of your time!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, sans portfolio., Thu May 21 10:19
        "I have found myself transported, sir, transported to this labyrinth! No spells come to my aid, I cannot be pointed in the direction of the sun or stars, and there are beasts and fairies everywhere!... more
        • The Guardsman squinted at the screen.SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 14:57
          "Hey, Naya. I thought that we were having the Q&A with the PPC Boarders and their agents. Why is work popping up on my screen?" "Just answer it, will you?" said the quarian as she fiddled with the... more
          • And just as he had made his plaintive cry...Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, sans portfolio., Thu May 21 15:49
            A door in the air appeared. Algie staggered back aghast as a man in peculiar dress stepped from the portal, tripping over the Generic Surface table in his flight. "Are - are you he? This Emir of whom ... more
            • The Guardsman nodded patiently.SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 17:18
              "Yep. I'm Emiranlanoamar-- Emiran for short or 'Guardsman' if you're referring to my old rank in the army. Pleased to meetcha. Answers to your questions, in order of vocalzation: Not a fairy, just an ... more
              • "Because... because I mistook you for the fairies."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, sans portfolio., Thu May 21 17:36
                "I see now that this is a death of some kind, and a weapon will do me no good if my magic has left me. No, not dead... lost. In Limbo, as an unbaptized babe or pagan hero of old might be. I... I... more
                • The Guardsman accepted the offered flintlock...SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 19:39
                  ...and held the weapon in both hands. "I humbly accept your allegiance. I'll do everything I can to help you settle here comfortably. Hopefully you won't get a nutjob as a partner. Oh, and can I just ... more
                  • "In this, perhaps, I am more fortunate than others."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Fri May 22 04:06
                    "My good lady wife," Algernon continued as he walked with the Guardsman, "is the gentlest, kindest soul in all of England, and equally, alas, one of the most incurious. Agamemnon, now, he would be... more
                    • The Time Lord rubbed his eyes.SeaTurtle, Fri May 22 15:12
                      "This is where it gets really, really weird. On one hand our home continua exist as fiction in World One. On the other... well, we've led perfectly ordinary lives, haven't we? We've both got... more
                      • "I, I still do not completely understand."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Fri May 22 17:07
                        "Oh well, I trust I will be able to find the answer you gave with proper study. As for my magic... hm. A demonstration. A simple cantrip, of Norrellite manufacture, alas, alas, but it will do. Hm."... more
                        • ...at the Earl's last two sentences. Those words were charged with something-- magic, ostensibly-- but why? The Time Lord looked around the office. Aside from the temporary, eerie flicker of the air... more
                          • "The Raven King."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Fri May 22 19:00
                            "The Black King, the King in the North, the nameless slave. John Uskglass, who gave unto England the magic of the Other Lands, who stood between the world and the wild places, guarding, watching. He... more
                            • "Man. That's some next-level creepiness right there. But you say he's an enemy of the Devil, right? I guess that has to count for something, right?" The Time Lord took off his tricorn and rubbed his... more
                              • "Who is Disney?"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Sat May 23 03:35
                                "Is he another puritanical Johnathon? There was a trend among them for a time for echoing that witless Shropshire bovine Bowdler and rewriting plays, books, and the old stories to make them, in their ... more
                                • "Right. I think I'll do that."SeaTurtle, Sat May 23 09:59
                                  The Guardsman wiped his hands on his coat to get rid of the cold sweat that had formed on his palms. "Erm. Yes. Does the Raven King have a timeframe for his visit or something? 'Cause maybe this... more
                                  • "Ah. Yes. Well."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Sun May 24 04:24
                                    "The King... will come. This is known, and known to be certain. The prophesy, his prophesy, has already been in large part fulfilled; Strange and Norrell are themselves the two magicians mentioned.... more
                                    • "Go on ahead," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 10:38
                                      "Just make sure to drop by the DIA Armoury and get geared up once you're back. You're gonna want to keep your Remote Activator on you at all times in case you need to move quickly. Oh! One more... more
                                      • "I shall, Sir!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Sun May 24 11:15
                                        "On every charge, I shall. You in turn will always be welcome at Perenelle, and I do very much hope that you will be able to call. Now then..." The Earl wandered off down the corridor, sorting out... more
                                        • The Guardsman had started walking...SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 16:55
                                          ...down the corridor in the opposite direction of Algie when he heard the muffled curse behind him. He turned and quickly made his way back to the newly-minted DIA officer's side. "Hey, me again.... more
                                          • "Er, yes, if I may be so bold as to ask your assistance."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Sun May 24 17:36
                                            "I have been reading through this list and I fear I must ask you to indulge me once more. Is... anyone allowed to join?" Algie sighed and turned again, pocketing the datapad. "I am afraid. My wife... ... more
                                            • "Ah."SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 19:33
                                              The Guardsman listened intently to Algie's speech. "No, it's fine," he said to the Earl. "In fact, it's a good thing you talked to me. Supernatural beauty, preternatural command of magic and superior ... more
                                              • "Then it is done."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Sun May 24 20:08
                                                "I... it pains me deeply to speak of my wife this way. As a Suvian, as a subject for testing, like some poor departed soul's body under the knife of an Edinburgh anatomist. And yet I must, because... more
                                                • The Guardsman smiled at the Earl.SeaTurtle, Sun May 24 20:45
                                                  "Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. We're short-staffed in every single department over here so any help they can offer would be greatly appreciated. You're absolutely right about the Duty: family is... more
                                                  • "I should say so, Sir Guardsman! And it is well done!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Mon May 25 07:47
                                                    "Once again, Sir, I am entirely in your debt; and once again, Sir, I am forced to say that it could not be to a more deserving man. But come, Sir Guardsman, we must make haste!" Algie powered off... more
                                                    • "It's what de do here," said the Guardsman.SeaTurtle, Mon May 25 21:35
                                                      "We help wherever we can. I'm glad we were able to help you, Lord Wymbourne. You seem like a pretty decent guy." Across the room, the Sub Rosa conversed with her aide. " Very well. Bulldog, find... more
                                                      • "Indeed I have."Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Tue May 26 08:27
                                                        "I have the details lurking somewhere in this contraption... aha! One "Field Commander McCandless" of Response Centre 2,631,513. This is why I have yet to report to the Armoury, Sir Guardsman; her... more
                                                        • "...that was unstable by nature," said the Guardsman. "Furthermore, your home 'verse stays clean, your son and your employees are safe, nobody has to die, and you've got a new job. I'd say that's a... more
                                                          • "Capital!"Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Internal Affairs, Tue May 26 17:24
                                                            "I do hope you will call for tea once my new garret is in a suitable shape for visitors, Sir Guardsman; moreover, if you have any future cause in which English magic will be an aid to success, do not ... more
                                                            • ((Ah, the plot thickens.))SeaTurtle, Tue May 26 18:11
                                                              ((I like where this is going. I assume that this is going to be a catalyst for some character development on the Notary's side. They just need to meet... Well, I'm certainly looking forward to the... more
                                                              • ((Totally canon))Scapegrace, Tue May 26 19:50
                                                                I mean, for one thing, RC 2,431,513? 24-3-15-13. XCOM. I like puns. I'm keeping that canon. Therefore, I'm keeping the rest of it. If you don't wish to, be my guest, but I rather like his Lordship's... more
      • Questions!Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 17:47
        Hi Harris! How does it feel to be the shining knight saving a damsel in distress from the clutches of a perverted drunken angel? *wink* Now for Gaspard! Which one is your favorite food?
        • Harris: [Snoring]SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 18:31
          Gaspard: Harris. Harris, wake up, there's questions for us. Harris: [Snoring] [Slapping noise] Harris: Ow! I'm up! I'm up! Jeez! Okay. What do we have here... ah. Hello, Solvig. Let's see... Gaspard, ... more
          • *giggles*Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 21:26
            Nah, I wasn´t flirting with ya Harris. Wait, Sonia? Is she there? Hi Sonia! *waves* Hey Gaspie! That sounds delicious! So, think you can take me out in a date to eat one of those thingies? ((Well... more
            • Harris: Sonia? Er, hang on a minute.SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 22:10
              Harris: Nope, Sonia isn't here. I swear she was around just a minute ago-- Gaspard, what in the world are you doing? You're not choking, are you? Gaspard: She called me "Gaspie", Harris! She says she ... more
              • What? Did I say something wrong?Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 23:19
                And who's this "Sarah" you're talking about? Should I beat her up? Yeah, I should. Hey Yunie! Can you say the "magic word", I need to do something. Yuuna : No. Solvig : Oh come on! Is important!... more
                • Harris: Hey look, you're getting pity-food.SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 15:34
                  Harris: And she'll forget about you too, so no worries, eh? Gaspard: Forgotten again. Yipee. - - - ((He's great at parties, I swear.))
                  • Sorry about the intrusion gentlemen.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Fri May 22 11:23
                    But let me defend my patient. Solvig won't forget Gaspard, she will forget the events that transpired today, and she will try again another day. She does not do it out of ill will, no. She genuinely... more
                    • Harris: hey, that's good news!SeaTurtle, Fri May 22 15:29
                      Harris: Solvig won't forget you. I'm telling you, she's a really pretty gal and I think-- Gaspard: --it will end in disaster. Harris: You're such a spoilsport. She wants to be your friend, moron. Why ... more
              • ((Hmm...))Voyd, Wed May 20 22:36
                ((I wonder how Gaspard would react if locked in a building with Kala or Gabby while the moon is full. Liminals go kinda nuts under the full moon, to the point where I personally think not even... more
                • ((Well.))SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 17:27
                  ((It's a bit obvious, isn't it? Place anyone in a house with a half-human monster who becomes absolutely sex-crazed under the full moon and they'll be trying to get the hell out of there before they... more
                  • ((Not just that.))Voyd, Thu May 21 17:58
                    ((The fact remains that they don't hold back their [often superhuman] strength, so it's very likely that if, say, a lamia was after you, you'd die from her affections. That's pretty much the plot of... more
              • Something really similar happened to me in sixth grade. It sucks, but it gets better, I promise.
                • ((No hugs for him.))SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 22:39
                  ((And it won't get better for him: this is Gaspard we're talking about, remember? He is Charlie Brown, the boy who frowns more than he smiles. He'll never win-- or if he does it will go forever... more
      • Guardsman! A question for you!Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Wed May 20 17:06
        Do you know how can I get a Sonic Screwdriver? I need it for research purposes. What? I'm serious about that!
        • Pay no heed for her question Emiranlanoamar.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Wed May 20 17:11
          She pesters every Time Lord she meets with that question, this is the third time in fact. It is nothing but a bless that she has no gone to the Notary with it.
          • Nah, it's okay.Emiranlanoamar, Wed May 20 18:06
            If I recall correctly, Sonics are available by special request at the Armoury. Since they're a class 2 restricted item, you need the Quartermaster's approval to obtain one. Personally, I don't bother ... more
            • No worry, a Sonic one is enough for my needs.Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Wed May 20 21:40
              So, what forms must I fill out and which proceedings and tests must I undertake to get one? Nurse Chan : *sighs* I certainly hope you know what you are doing, Emiranlanoamar, Guardsman of Gallifrey...
              • Just ask the clerk at the Armoury. Emiranlanoamar, Wed May 20 22:31
                They'll fetch the necessary paperwork and have you fill it out. Once that's done you'll have to explain to the Quartermaster why you want restricted materials and why your current gear isn't doing... more
                • Well, considering that the required tools and parts...Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Wed May 20 23:31
                  ... for the maintenance of the Danger Room, are really hard to come by... I could say that, yeah, my current gear is insufficient for my current assignation. Nurse Chan : I certainly hope so. I am... more
                  • Nurse Chan.Emiranlanoamar, Thu May 21 15:40
                    I'm going to ask you two questions and I want "yes" or "no" answers for each one. Firstly: do you have a TARDIS? Secondly: are you Gallifreyan?
                    • *sighs* Guess there is no point on hiding it longer...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Thu May 21 21:47
                      But let me answer first your second question: Yes. I am a Time Lord from the Cerulean Chapter, though I say it without pride, long ago has passed the time when I was proud of being counted among... more
                      • First of all...Emiranlanoamar, Fri May 22 15:19
                        ...how many other Time Lords are there in HQ? If this keeps up we're going to find half the planet's population here. Secondly: my god. Since when were you in HQ? Personnel hasn't logged the arrival... more
                        • Nine Gallifreyan, four transformed...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Fri May 22 23:45
                          ... if it would ease your mind, the population of the Eldar here, nearly doubles our. That last word stings me; you see I do not like being counted as one. In fact, Personnel has not registered me as ... more
                          • You arrived here two years ago?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 10:16
                            That's when I came through! How the heck did you get here? By TARDIS? And why in the name of the Homeworld didn't you register as Time Lord? Not only does Medical kinda need to know this but... how... more
                            • Yes and yes. I arrived near the Armory in fact...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 12:18
                              ...the centaur is a fine lad. *sigh* No, my refusal to be aknowledged as Gallifreyan has nothing to do with a war I just saw the first shots of. No, it was because of what happened after one of those ... more
                              • You were caught up in the Blitz?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 13:36
                                Good grief, you were really unlucky. Doubly so because Third and Sixth Fleet intercepted the Dalek Armada literally the minute it entered Gallifreyan space. You barely missed being rescued. It's too... more
                                • No, no, no, you misunderstand me Emiranlanoamar.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 15:35
                                  I do not desire to join the Council and their eternal squabbles, The Reader is the one resposible of surveilling the actions of Time Lords within this organization, so I must register with her. And... more
                                  • So?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 20:11
                                    You're a Time Lord. Changing sex after regeneration is rather uncommon but not unheard of. Why would you be ashamed of a normal body function? On the other hand... why, oh why did you mess with a... more
                                    • And I must point out that ...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 21:25
                                      ...in an alternate ocurrence of those events were he escaped Gallifrey, that same Doctor was locked in her TARDIS for having a Sex Change Regeneration --by suicide jumping from a pylon--, which... more
                                      • Eldritch Abominations, you say?Emiranlanoamar, Sat May 23 21:53
                                        Of course I know what they are. I killed them during the War. They also killed me multiple times but that technically never happened because I'm still alive So yeah, tell me about these guys. What... more
                                        • *laughs* You jest, do you?Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 23:45
                                          *pause* Dear Talos... You are serious. I can see you are familiar with the term itself, but not with its meaning . What universe? All of them have them. Powers? Omnipotence . Physical description?... more
                                          • "Guardsman of Gallifrey?"Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 10:54
                                            Ooh, I like the sound of that: it makes me sound important. Go on. Joking aside, what would I do against... hang on a second while I check the database for this Hermaeus Mora fellow. ...right. Well,... more
                                            • You have a fine hypothesis there...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 11:47
                                              ...but sadly, that does not mean it will work. Usually these beings exist outside of reality, and reality is nothing but a toy for them. The form we see is just a mirage they use to interact with... more
                                              • My, my. You've been places.Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 17:49
                                                You've met Gods-- capital "g"-- talked to them, received favours from them, have them fighting over your soul, and it sounds like you killed a bunch of innocent Pokémon. Aren't you a special... more
                                                • Your rudeness, does not surprise nor bothers me.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 18:05
                                                  Look Emiranlanoamar, I do not feel proud of what I have done, nor I like my dealing with those beings, that is why I decided to dedicate the rest of my days to the mental health of children. But if... more
                                                  • Okay, slow down. Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 18:31
                                                    Nobody is shooting anyone here. Let's be very clear on that. Okay? Good. We're going to talk and nobody is going to do anything they're going to regret. I have another yes/no question for you. Are... more
                                                    • *sighs and sits down again* Honestly...Edhelistar, Sun May 24 19:21
                                                      ... I am not sure... By all accounts I should have been vaporized by the Daleks, but something, or someone took me out of there along my TARDIS, probably an Eternal. Then set me in those various... more
                                                      • It's not up to me to judge. Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 21:01
                                                        I'm just a policeman, not the judge, jury, and executioner. Come with me to Medical. They'll scan you and we'll see about their diagnosis. If you're Suvian, then you're not a really bad case: you're... more
                                                        • Why would I want to subvert the organization?Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 21:24
                                                          I just want to finally from all the skit that I dragged through by that thing . I left someone I cared for behind in each universe I was dragged in, a pet in the first one, friends in the second one... more
                                                          • Quit being so melodramatic.Emiranlanoamar, Sun May 24 21:33
                                                            It's not like there's never been an ex-Suvian agent in the history of the PPC. We're just going in to make sure that you're not some weird sleeper agent or anything. - - - ((It's weird because I... more
                                                            • Well, the Reader did mention something along those lines...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sun May 24 21:50
                                                              ...regarding Time Lords, did not she not? Now, before we leave, I -- Where has Shui-Hua gone to? ~~~ ((Apparently we were in different channels, 'cuz I was imagining everything happening face to... more
                                                              • Er, who? Emiranlanoamar, Mon May 25 21:46
                                                                Sorry-- I don't know who that is. Can describe her to me? I can have Terabyte search for her via the DIA security cams.
                                                                • *sigh* Emiranlanoamar...Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Mon May 25 23:26
                                                                  ... she is the girl who was asking you about the Sonic Screwdriver! How could you -- aaggh... uuhhnnn... *the Time Lady's body starts shining in a blinding blue light, and when it stops, in her place ... more
                                                      • ((Gosh dang it! Is the second time it happens!))Edhelistar, Sun May 24 19:26
                                                        ((I put my username instead of the character's name again. =P))
            • *surreptitiously taking notes* (nm)Rina Dives, Wed May 20 18:13
      • Question for the Guardsman[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Wed May 20 16:45
        Since the Notary did not answer this question, I'll pose it to you next. How exactly did your feud with the Notary begin? Because it kind of seems like belligerent and unresolved tension of the... more
        • Okay, long story short.Emiranlanoamar, Wed May 20 18:40
          She tripped, a picture fell out of her dress, I commented on it, she's waged a campaign of terror against me ever since for reasons unknown. Look, read into it all you want but the fact of the matter ... more
      • Question for the Guardsman!Voyd, Tue May 19 16:02
        Is an overinflated ego a common trait to Time Lords? The Librarian and the Notary seem very assured in their superiority, and don't even seem to consider the possibility that someone might be better... more
        • Look at it this way.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 16:48
          You are part of the most ancient and advanced civilization the world has ever known. Your scientists play with spacetime like putty, build machines and AIs so advanced they become sentient, and... more
      • Questions for EmiranDesdendelle, Tue May 19 14:36
        -What's your favourite food? -If you'd go native, in which continuum would that be? (Your home one doesn't count, obviously.)
        • Food?Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 15:02
          Listen man, did you ever eat Korean food? It. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever. My favourite dish is this hot pot with egg, vegetables, and meat over rice. Mix well and eat. Delicious. There's also this... more
          • Another food question!Iximaz, Tue May 19 16:26
            Alright, you ever have angel hair pasta with an herbed olive oil sauce with diced tomatoes? That's my favorite.
            • Pasta dishes, huh? Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 16:58
              I can't say I've had that exact recipe in my plate but it sure sounds pretty good. Tell you what: I'll make it myself and tell you how it is. I have to admit that it's a bit bland, though. I could... more
              • You ever hear of less is more?Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:04
                I get you've been on diet pills or whatever for most of your life and probably can't get enough of the heavier foods, but you'll learn to appreciate lighter fare eventually.
                • Your little pasta dish is supposed to be a meal.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 17:08
                  Not a snack. Give it some heft! Add some meat! Add some vegetables! Add some sauce!
                  • Hm, well, if you want heavier stuff...Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:25
                    (Though seriously, you should give light dishes a try.) Go for stuffed pastas like tortellini and ravioli. I prefer cheese-stuffed, but mushroom-stuffed is good as well. You might like meat-stuffed,... more
                    • Like you wouldn't believe.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 17:42
                      It's like having the weather forecast get 70% of its predictions wrong. It's absolutely infuriating but you get used to expecting the unexpected.
      • Questions for the Guardsman!Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:31
        If it's not too personal, how many times have you regenerated? And what was your time at the Academy like?
        • You got questions? I have answers.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 14:10
          Officially? I've regenerated only two times: the first during the War and the second during the Final Day. The first one happened when I was crushed to death by a bit of falling Dalek that was shot... more
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