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The Reader
Tue May 19, 2015 14:32

I...wouldn't quite say that I participated in it, exactly, but...I was on Gallifrey. I was still in the Academy when it started, and then, when it got really bad, I left to find a way off the planet. Didn't happen too quickly, though, and then things got really bad, and--

Well. Long story short, I regenerated twice and escaped with a TARDIS. And then I ended up in HQ. Where I regenerated again. Excuse me, I'm just going to...uh, paperwork, yeah...


((The third regeneration happened on a mission, not due to a crash-landing or something. ~DF))

  • Question for the Reader.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 14:24
    Did you participate in the Time War? I can't remember if you fell into HQ before or after it.
    • ...Ah. — The Reader, Tue May 19 14:32
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