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Solvig Karinsdotter
"Ooh... Aaah... Uuuhm..."
Tue May 19, 2015 14:49

"... Hey Yunie. What's the scariest thingy we ever got in a mission?"

Yuna: *facepalms and groans*

Solvig: "What?"

Yuna: *smacks Solvig on the forehead and clears her throat* "Now, whoever-you-are, that question would be easier to answer, if, you know, we actually have gone to a mission." *pause* "What do you mean if I went to missions for SHIELD?" *starts fidgeting uneasily* "I... uh... have never gone in a mission for SHIELD either. I... was kept in desk duty..." *Solvig snorts and starts laughing in the background* "Shut up..."

  • Question for both agents. SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 14:17
    What was the scariest situation you have ever been in during one of your missions? How did you react?
    • "Ooh... Aaah... Uuuhm..." — Solvig Karinsdotter, Tue May 19 14:49
      • All right then, another question.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 15:04
        How are you guys getting along? Did you discover anything about your partner that drives you up the wall?
        • "Are you seriously asking that question?"Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Tue May 19 18:34
          *sigh* "I hate her stupid non sequitur s, I hate the way she speaks, I hate that stupid orange lizard she got for a pe-- You know what, scratch all of that, I hate everything about her." Solvig: "You ... more
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