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Re: Questions!
Tue May 19, 2015 14:52

Chakkik: the loss of my natural abilities. \ i can understand being unable to cast gem missile, as i have no connection to gnome in most continua. however, the inability to breathe acid on my foes is quite irksome.

Gabby: If you're flashy and colorful, I'm in! Addie has magical glowy bullet spam, but she says everyone in her world can do that.

Kala: Probably our fourth mission. All of it.

Valon: I was curious. As for what surprised me the most, probably the increased sensitivity to emotions. I'm not sure if they were stronger or not, but I felt them more than I normally do.

  • Questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 14:40
    For Chakkik: What did you find most difficult about adapting to a human disguise? For Gabby: I've heard that you have quite a bit of intimate friends. Got a preferred type? For Kala: What is the... more
    • Re: Questions! — Voyd, Tue May 19 14:52
      • More questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 14:56
        For ALL the agents: What annoys you most about your partner?
        • Re: More questions!Voyd, Tue May 19 15:01
          Chakkik: the fact that she brings guests into our response center without my knowledge or permission. Gabby: Chak talks waaaaay too much. I don't even know a lot of the words he says. Kala: He's... more
          • You have answers? I have questions!Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:15
            Chakkik: What is your greatest fear? Gabby: What is the coolest thing about the PPC? Kala: Is there a situation you hope never to face? Valon: What is your favorite type of Mini?
            • Re: You have answers? I have questions!Voyd, Tue May 19 15:22
              Chakkik: i am an insect. i only feel fear when there is something to be afraid of. Gabby: The fact that you don't get deported if you accidentally knock a wall down! Kala: The full moon. I'm not sure ... more
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