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Replies from the team.
Tue May 19, 2015 14:55

Selene: Ugh. Don't. Just... don't.

Kaitlyn: Nah, Selene's not so bad. She's just a bit highly strung. She- hey, did she answer a question too? Ooh! I wanna see!


... wow. Um, didn't see that coming.

Selene: What?

Kaitlyn: I... nothing, I just... thought we were getting along well.

Selene: We are. Why?

Kaitlyn: Well, your answer...

Selene: I was objecting to the characterisation of you as a 'perky hobbit-lover', as if you - or anyone - could be summed up by three words-

Kaitlyn: But I am a perky hobbit-lover. Er, liker.

Selene: ... true. Very well, then, to answer the question: she could be a lot worse. Kaitlyn is a competent agent, and I think our skillsets complement each other well.

Kaitlyn: Compliments aren't something you're good at, are they?

Selene: Mm... nope.


Dafydd: Connie! An owl just dropped a letter down the chimney! Did Tanfin turn eleven while I wasn't looking?

[Inaudible reply]

Dafydd: That's what I thought, I was just... oh, never mind. Let's see...

... Connie! Do you know an 'Izimax'?

[Inaudible, somewhat irritated reply]

Dafydd: Right, right, sorry. Well, to answer the question, we're all doing fine. We decided to stop at five children, so I won't be beating Dad any time soon. Tanfin is... actually probably advanced enough to start at Hogwarts, if that was a thing that was going to happen (which it isn't); he's eight, but he takes after my side of the family, and we Eldar mature quickly in spirit. The girls are more like their mother-

[Inaudible comment]

Dafydd: - by which I mean perfectly lovely violent lunatics. How's that?

[Inaudible, amused comment]

Dafydd: Right. And Oleander's two, so he's a screaming sociopath like all two-year-olds.


  • *waves* Hi, Selene!Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:37
    What's it like having a perky hobbit-lover as a partner? Kaitlyn, what's it like having Mrs. Grumpy as a partner? Dafydd, how's the family? ((Sorry, you just had to tempt me...))
    • Replies from the team. — Huinesoron, Tue May 19 14:55
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