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Tue May 19, 2015 15:02

Listen man, did you ever eat Korean food? It. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever. My favourite dish is this hot pot with egg, vegetables, and meat over rice. Mix well and eat. Delicious. There's also this great spicy cabbage thing they've got going on-- kimchi. You ever heard of it?

Whaddya mean, I can't choose the Homeworld? It's the only place I belong. I fought and died for my planet and there's no other place I'd rather be.

...but if I had to choose, I'd pack up my things and move to Rannoch, in the Mass Effect universe. There's no insects there so I'd actually be able to sit outside and fall asleep without being eaten alive by a friggin' cloud of mosquitoes. Plus, it's my partners' home planet so they'd get to come along.

  • Questions for EmiranDesdendelle, Tue May 19 14:36
    -What's your favourite food? -If you'd go native, in which continuum would that be? (Your home one doesn't count, obviously.)
    • Food? — Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 15:02
      • Another food question!Iximaz, Tue May 19 16:26
        Alright, you ever have angel hair pasta with an herbed olive oil sauce with diced tomatoes? That's my favorite.
        • Pasta dishes, huh? Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 16:58
          I can't say I've had that exact recipe in my plate but it sure sounds pretty good. Tell you what: I'll make it myself and tell you how it is. I have to admit that it's a bit bland, though. I could... more
          • You ever hear of less is more?Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:04
            I get you've been on diet pills or whatever for most of your life and probably can't get enough of the heavier foods, but you'll learn to appreciate lighter fare eventually.
            • Your little pasta dish is supposed to be a meal.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 17:08
              Not a snack. Give it some heft! Add some meat! Add some vegetables! Add some sauce!
              • Hm, well, if you want heavier stuff...Iximaz, Tue May 19 17:25
                (Though seriously, you should give light dishes a try.) Go for stuffed pastas like tortellini and ravioli. I prefer cheese-stuffed, but mushroom-stuffed is good as well. You might like meat-stuffed,... more
                • Like you wouldn't believe.Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 17:42
                  It's like having the weather forecast get 70% of its predictions wrong. It's absolutely infuriating but you get used to expecting the unexpected.
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