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Woah, guys, everyone calm down.
Tue May 19, 2015 15:59

Now let's all go back to our respective mailboxes and forget this little spat happened, yes? *overly-hopeful grin*

  • I didn't murder anyone... yet.Agent Desdendelle, Tue May 19 15:47
    But you try having to live with the Librarian for any stretch of time and we'll see how tranquil you will be afterwards. Anebrin, at least, had the decency to mind his own business most of the time.
    • Woah, guys, everyone calm down. — Iximaz, Tue May 19 15:59
      • "Why bother?"Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:18
        "If the Grunt and the headtaker wish to belabour each other about the face with sharp objects, I see no reason to object. In fact, I'd rather assumed that such an occasion warranted not so much... more
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