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Look at it this way.
Tue May 19, 2015 16:48

You are part of the most ancient and advanced civilization the world has ever known. Your scientists play with spacetime like putty, build machines and AIs so advanced they become sentient, and create marvels that are legend among other species. One word from the High Council can rewrite history itself and affect the universe as a whole.

How can you not feel powerful?

I can't speak for the Librarian or the Notary but I think the Time War changed us Time Lords. I learnt something in the trenches: it doesn't matter how big you think you are or how great you think your species is. When you could die at any moment at the hands of a refraction bomb, a sudden tau-gamma burst, a Dalek temporal raiding party, or even history rearranging yourself and deciding that the building you're in is actually a radioactive pile of rubble... well, your outlook on life changes. You don't talk so loud or act all proud. You start focusing on the basic things: are your squadmates okay? Is your family safe? Will you make it to see another day?

When you realize that your species' goddamn superiority complex is to blame for the bad decisions that led to your situation you realize that a) the High Council are bastards and b) you have to grow up.

  • Question for the Guardsman!Voyd, Tue May 19 16:02
    Is an overinflated ego a common trait to Time Lords? The Librarian and the Notary seem very assured in their superiority, and don't even seem to consider the possibility that someone might be better... more
    • Look at it this way. — Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 16:48
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