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Gaspard De Grasse
Question for Oopart.
Tue May 19, 2015 17:28

I've been reliably informed that you've gone back in time to prevent a PPC apocalypse of some sort. Can we arrange a meeting or something and compare notes? I've got my own catastrophe to prevent and your sequence of events don't match up at all with mine.

  • Phobos' Agents' mailboxPhobos, Tue May 19 13:46
    You have reached the collected mailboxes of Barid, Brightbeard, Decima, Durotar, Kur'nak, Phobos and Voltarmi. Please leave a message after the tone and they will get back to you at their earliest... more
    • Another for Barid!Iximaz, Wed May 20 07:28
      First of all, I just want to say you accent is awesome. ;) Anyway, is there a secret to making such good-looking shrunken heads?
      • What accent?Barid, Wed May 20 10:25
        An' da secret to'a propaly made shrunken head is love. Ya gotta love ya work, ya know? Den, and only den, can ya have de attention ta detail necessary ta cut off ya enemie's head, skin it, magically... more
        • Alright, neat!Iximaz, Wed May 20 11:27
          Is love also how you got such good spin on those cinnamon buns, or is that just really good aim? :P
          • Dat's diff'rentBarid, Wed May 20 13:31
            Dat's down ta da aerodynamics of da bun. Dat's jus' science, dat is.
    • Question for Oopart. — Gaspard De Grasse, Tue May 19 17:28
      • Re: Question for Oopart.Agent Oopart,, DMS, Wed May 20 10:00
        I don't really know how much help I can be on this. I don't remember much about the events of my future. Everything is really hazy and my head hurts. But, listen... You've got to get me out of here... more
      • Look, I keep telling you guys:Lucy Illiond, Demas Paladin, Wed May 20 05:32
        You're mucking with something that didn't need mucking with . The timeline was perfectly fine the way it was before y'all tried to 'fix' it. I mean, yes, sure, the Sundering was a bit of a mess - but ... more
    • Question for any agents of Azeroth:Darkotas, Tue May 19 15:11
      What are your thoughts on the current affairs of the Alliance and Horde, along with the Draenor fiasco?
      • Re: Question for any agents of Azeroth:Brightbeard, Wed May 20 10:10
        That's quite a question, lad. I dinnae think I've the time tae get intae all the political nuances recquired tae answer that tae the fullest extent. However, I will say that I ne'er liked Garrosh as... more
        • Follow-up!Darkotas, Wed May 20 11:41
          Perfectly understandable, then. Garrosh wasted what potential he was given, I think. Alright, my next question for you: I've heard that you're both an accomplished blacksmith and a Paladin. What is... more
          • Re: Follow-up!Brightbeard, Wed May 20 13:29
            The best thing about being a Paladin is that ye have the abilities and strength necessary tae be a shield for the powerless. As for smithing, well, each piece is unique. Each a new challenge, and a... more
      • Draenor?Arinellya, Tue May 19 17:38
        *composure breaks for a half second* Prophet Velen... Even if he was of the alternate timeline, I... You know what, I think I will leave it for Master Brightbeard and the troll to answer.
    • Questions for Barid and Brightbeard!Iximaz, Tue May 19 13:54
      What do you guys think of the Pandaren? Have either of you heard of the player DoubleAgent?
      • Re: Questions for Barid and Brightbeard!Phobos, Tue May 19 14:25
        Barid: Da Pandaren are'a bunch'a weirdos if ya ask me. What's da point'a all dat meditatin' anyway? Now, don' get me wrong, I do like dere beer, an' all. Just wish dey'd pick'a sida a'ready.... more
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