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[Laughter] I'm not disputing that.
Tue May 19, 2015 18:17

We kinda all realized that we were canon fodder during the first few months of the War. It all went downhill from there, trust me. So what if I'm expendable? It won't stop me from trying to do something worthwhile. I dream of a better future for Time Lords-- a future where we actually care about the world around us and don't sit around, all complacent-like. The Time War was a much needed kick in the pants and the Doctor gave us all a second chance. We're gonna capitalize on that and make things better.

And you know what? You're a darn good motivator. The spitting image of the old regime, what we must never return to. Thank you for that. You have my pity.

- - -

((That's a really cool idea, paradox organs. I'd share my own Doctor Who headcanons but they're all too stupid to be actually vocalized.))

  • "Well, I did."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 17:42
    "You were put in the role you were in during the Time War because you were expendable , Grunt. Nobody gave a damn if they lost you. You had no value beyond that of shoe leather and paradox organs.... more
    • [Laughter] I'm not disputing that. — Emiranlanoamar, Tue May 19 18:17
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