Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC
"Are you seriously asking that question?"
Tue May 19, 2015 18:34

*sigh* "I hate her stupid non sequiturs, I hate the way she speaks, I hate that stupid orange lizard she got for a pe-- You know what, scratch all of that, I hate everythingabout her."

Solvig: "You I kinda dislike she's a little stuck-up and--"

Yuuna: *twitches* "How did you call me?"

Solvig: "'Stuck-up.' Ya'know, the kind of people that--" *Yuuna tackles Solvig to the ground* "Ah! Help!" *there sounds of struggling, and punching, and--*

*Sorry about the inconvenience, we are experiencing technical dificulties.*

((And thatīs why you never put Solvig and Yuuna in the same room, when doing rounds of questions.))

  • All right then, another question.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 15:04
    How are you guys getting along? Did you discover anything about your partner that drives you up the wall?
    • "Are you seriously asking that question?" — Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Tue May 19 18:34
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