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The Reader, Citrine etc
Check the--
Tue May 19, 2015 19:51

[crashing noises]

[Gallifreyan swearing]

Notary. [Incoherent]

Listen, even if we did maybe...snuggle, I definitely would not tell you to stay--

... faked the footage, didn't you? I don't actually have a shirt that looks like that anymore, it got ruined two missions ago. Maybe three.

I don't--I'm not even sure what to--

[some sighing and running of hands through hair]

Okay. Fine. Nice joke. Good job with the fake footage. Now get it off the Cafeteria vidscreen!

And for the Citadel's sake, if you ever much with footage of me again, use clips where I'm actually wearing trousers.


((That's quite a sense of humor the Notary's developing. I think the Reader appreciates it only a slight bit more than she'd appreciate fungus in her coffee.))

((On the other hand...she does seem to be warming up to the Notary just a tiny bit. Maybe it's that they're the only two Time Lords in HQ who actually experienced the Time War? ~DF))

  • "Check the vidscreen."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Tue May 19 14:56
    "The one in the cafeteria." The Notary finished editing the security footage, pressed send, and grinned. "The big one."
    • Check the-- — The Reader, Citrine etc, Tue May 19 19:51
      • "Ah."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 05:52
        "I was... not expecting you to catch on this early. I'm rather new to this whole 'pranking' business and, er, I... may possibly have co-opted some of the emergency broadcast protocol code to put it... more
        • Wow, epic fail, much?Rina Dives, Wed May 20 07:26
          *rubs forehead* I'll see if I can get Alex to take a look at it. And I'm not volunteering his services for you, Notary.
          • "Dives, a word."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 10:30
            "Did he get it? Has he dismantled it? You are related - do you share a bond? No, of course not, I'm being silly, he's as human as you used to be prior to your ascension. Oh, that'll teach the Grunt a ... more
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