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Tue May 19, 2015 19:58

Rina: Us, awesome? *snorts* Please.

Zeb: Aw, come on, it's nice to get some recognition!

Rina: And we could do with less. Eh, anyway. We actually don't have that many missions done compared to other agent teams. We've just had more mission reports released to the public. I've actually been on a lot more missions than what you've seen— I mean, being an agent is a 24/7 job— but they weren't really noteworthy enough to read.

Zeb: Yeah, considering we've gotten about a mission a day since I arrived, barring the longer ones, and I've been here for a little over a month... *does some math* I've been on about twenty missions so far, including Rose Potter. I dunno about Rina, though.

Rina: *shrugs* Several hundred. I stopped counting after Randa and I hit triple digits.

  • Question for both of you.SkarmorySilver, Tue May 19 19:42
    Why are you so awesome?! 8D In all seriousness, though... How come you two were able to finish so many missions so quickly? Yeah, I know that may have resulted in some pretty adverse side-effects,... more
    • "Um..." — Iximaz, Tue May 19 19:58
      • Speaking of Randa- is she here to answer questions?OrangeYoshi99, Tue May 19 20:56
        If so, what's working in Bad Slash like?
        • Woah, wait, someone wants to talk to me?Randa Roan, Tue May 19 20:59
          *waves* Hi there! Bad Slash is a helluva lot more fun than DMS, lemme tell you. And the risk of death is a lot lower, which is why I swapped in the first place. It's nice, so... yeah. :)
          • Holey moley! Is Randa Roan!Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 12:30
            Hi! I'm your biggest fan and the founder of the "Randa Roan Fan Club", which has a membership consisting of... uhm... me. Anyway, here's my question: Do you still have that awesome Sue-Hair Yo-yo?
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