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The Reader
Oddly enough, that's actually less personal than the-
Tue May 19, 2015 20:08

-Time War question.

First time I regenerated into the opposite sex? To be perfectly honest, I was mainly preoccupied with two things: a, that I was finally off Gallifrey, and b, that Gallifrey was gone and there'd been an unbelievably vast war. Somewhere in there was all the confusion about having longer hair and different balance and a larger chest and all, kind of took second place to everything else.

Of course, the second time I regenerated into a female body--which wasn't actually that long after--I...well, I was still trying to deal with Gallifrey's destruction, but there was also this stray thought that this body felt rather nice. A good weight, you know? Long hair, sure, but the interesting sort. And good hands. I like these hands. They can do a lot.

So. Considering I went from 'skinny student' to 'slightly stronger and on the run' to 'why do I have a different body now this is horrible timing' to 'hey, I have a body that feels comfortable and isn't injured'...

Well. Let's just say that, so far, this regeneration has been working out well for me, at least physically.

Any other questions? I'm here all night. [dramatic arm sweep]


  • And another for the Reader!Iximaz, Tue May 19 15:53
    If it's not too personal, of course. So, first time you regenerated into the opposite sex. What was your first reaction?
    • Oddly enough, that's actually less personal than the- — The Reader, Tue May 19 20:08
      • As a matter of fact, yes!Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:52
        What was your time at the Academy like? I love hearing stories about that, since I won't ever get to go myself. :3
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