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((Aw, come on, the mental images are hilarious.))
Tue May 19, 2015 20:43

((It starts off like a nice, orderly panel, and then it gets disrupted by the Time Lords all screaming across the table at each other while the others either try to keep the panel going, hide, get exasperated, or join in the shouting!))

  • ((Mainly because someone would definitely try to strangle the Notary. Several times.)) ((~DF))
    • ((Aw, come on, the mental images are hilarious.)) — Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:43
      • ((...look, do you want me to write this?))DawnFire, Tue May 19 20:45
        ((Because it's beginning to reach the point where I will . Snippets of it, anyway. ~DF))
        • ((...can I help?))Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:49
          ((Because seriously, I'm going to fall asleep thinking about this. The idea's just so hilariously ridiculous.))
          • ((Just going to eat dinner, don't worry if I don't respond for a bit. ~DF))
            • ((Sounds good to me.))Iximaz, Tue May 19 20:55
              ((Email's iximaz(AT)gmail(DOT)com, but I won't be able to work until tomorrow afternoon, since I'm kicked off the computer after dinner and the phone has to go up at 9:00 (not that that ever stops... more
              • ((I'll get something set up, then :)))DawnFire, Tue May 19 21:34
                ((And that's fine, actually--means I have more of a chance of getting to sleep early tonight, which I'm sure would be good for me. Also, I'm at my volunteer job until about...let's say 5 pm, I'm... more
                • ((Yup, 9:40 here.))Iximaz, Tue May 19 21:41
                  ((I usually have volunteering on Wednesdays as well, but I think I have tomorrow off, I'd have to look. Anyway, your plan sounds great! I can't wait to get started!))
                  • ((Fantastic!))DawnFire, Tue May 19 21:49
                    ((It's always nice to share a time zone. When Karen and I first started writing together, she was 8 hours behind me. It was kind of horrible, but definitely doable. Now she's only 1 hour behind,... more
                    • ((Mostly I help the little kids groom the horses and get them tacked up, and then I set up the barrels for barrel racing or the pole-bending poles. And occasionally I muck stalls. XD And woop, got... more
                      • ((You do?))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:12
                        ((That is so cool .)) ((Hurray! It does now have some planning in it--mainly just various ideas and a question or two--but that's it. No writing yet. I'm looking forward to adding some, though. ~DF))
                        • ((The cool part is when I get to ride.))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:27
                          ((I can jump two-foot gates, but I'm hoping to get to three over the summer. :3 And eee, can't wait to see it! Perhaps one thing we could do is have each scene headed with whatever question(s)... more
                          • ((Oooh.))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:36
                            ((Want to switch volunteer jobs for a day? You can come help exciting grade fives and adorable grade ones, and I can ride a horse so cool .)) ((Good luck getting three!)) ((Ooh, I like that idea,... more
                            • ((Sure, I'm good with kids!))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:42
                              ((Now, without looking it up, can you tell me what a fetlock is? Though actually, riding isn't (usually) part of my volunteer duties. I have lessons on Thursdays and like it there so much I wanted to ... more
                              • ((Bzuh.))DawnFire, Tue May 19 22:46
                                ((Um. probably not a tuft of hair at the top of a horse's face, so I'm going to go with...part of the hoof? I think it's just above the hoof? I think I need to reread my horse books. Fair... more
                                • ((You got it!))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:59
                                  ((It's the tuft of hair on the back side of the leg just above the hoof. Very useful if a horse doesn't want to pick its feet up for cleaning. Aw man, I can't wait to see this start to devolve into... more
                                  • ((Yesss, my memory is good!))DawnFire, Tue May 19 23:07
                                    ((Fantastic. I am totally ready to volunteer with horses now. /nodnod/ Start to devolve into chaos? Oh, no, my dear Iximaz--it'll probably be chaotic from the very beginning. ...unless, of course, we ... more
                                    • ((Zeb's hiding under the table, ears flat against his head, Nume's sitting straight-backed in his chair, trying to follow procedure, Corolla's just given up and buried her face in her hands, the... more
                                      • (( Nah, Nume's only there under duress. ))Neshomeh, Wed May 20 10:16
                                        Possibly handcuffed to the chair so he can't escape, which he otherwise would at the first opportunity. Such as a bunch of bickering two-year-olds Time Lords drawing everyone's attention. Actually,... more
                                      • ((Chakkik would probably try to restore order. He can cast Gem Missile: All, and there are few things more attention-grabbing than a hunk of diamond the size of a coconut pelting you in the head.... more
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