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Solvig Karinsdotter
Significant other?
Tue May 19, 2015 20:47

Uh... Does my pet, Lizzie, count?

And my homefic... well, it was never actually written...

What does that euphemism mean? Family, lover, boyfriend? Whatever, the answer would be "No" on all counts anyway. Although I do [CENSORED, 'CUZ SPOILERS!].

My homefic? *sigh* It was written by a native Japanese speaker, with a very tenuous grasp of English grammar, a worst grasp of American culture and no knowledge of the Marvel Earth-616 continuum; you do the math.

My gadgets and experiments. Don't you dare touch anything!

Homefic!? I proudly come from the Main Avatar-verse, where I was just a random background character. Unless you consider The Legend of Korra fanfic, which in that case, well I have bad news for you.

  • Question for both agents.SkarmorySilver, Tue May 19 19:41
    Do you have any significant others at the PPC? Also, what were your respective homefics like, and how bad were they in terms of writing, characterization, etc.?
    • Significant other? — Solvig Karinsdotter, Tue May 19 20:47
      • Question for Shui-Hua.Agent Cupid Carmine, DIC, Sat May 23 14:57
        First off, I know I'm not in the right position for this, given my nature and excessive drinking habits, but... I just wanted to apologize on Lapis' behalf. It was an honest mistake on her part,... more
        • Stay away from me, you creep!Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 17:17
          The Kryptonian told me enough about you, to know that I don't want you to be that near me. Good, now that we're clear on that, I'll answer your *beep!* question: That would the jasmine tea made in... more
          • That wasn't my intent, I swear!Agent Cupid Carmine, DIC, Sat May 23 17:32
            I already made that mistake once, and I've never made it since! Promise! Anyway, if you want, I'll pay for the tea. None of us intended to hurt your feelings. It's the least we can do to make up for... more
            • *twitch* Hurt my feelings?Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 18:16
              HURT MY FEELINGS!? You... you... have no idea, you weren't there. The screams, the running, the pushing, the violet flashes, the explosions... *grabs her head* Oh Spirits, please make it stop...... more
              • Are you all right, my dear?Sister January, Department of Fictional Psychology, Sat May 23 19:40
                I think you really do need counseling... Again, noon tomorrow. I will be there to help in any way I can. Oh, and Cupid, please leave. Now. Whatever you had intended to do, it is clear as day that it... more
                • No. I'm not.Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 21:38
                  I have been diagnosed *sniff* with PTSD by FicPsych, since I *sob* arrived here. I need to get to my quarters, *cough* tke my meds with some tea, *sob* and rest. Yes, sleep, that will do me well.... more
                  • Sleep would be good, yes.Sister January, Department of Fictional Psychology, Sat May 23 22:00
                    I can take you back to your RC, if you so wish. It's the least I can do for you. And rest assured that my patient and his partners will never bring this up ever again. *hugs her gently* (...Yeah. An... more
                    • ((The next day...))Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sun May 24 12:34
                      *beep. beep. click* Hi Sister January! Shui-Hua speaking. Just checked my schedule this morning, and I realized I cannot make it to the appointment. *sigh* I have "Preventive Maintenance for the... more
                      • Seems fair.Sister January, Department of Fictional Psychology, Sun May 24 15:36
                        I understand if you are busy. If you still wish to talk to me, you are welcome to come and see me at any time. In the meantime, best of luck with today's endeavor! (The thread's been set up! I'll... more
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