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Agent Yoof
Oh boy! It's good!
Tue May 19, 2015 21:21

SÚverine found some white celery from Bunnicula! Said it probably won't turn most agents into vampires!

Shipment of Slowpoke tails! Smell good! Like hot dogs!

Got a whole pantry of stuff in The Last of Us! Had mold spores on it, but SÚverine bleached it all, so it's okay to eat!

Someone caught a giant enemy crab! They cooked the weak points for massive deliciousness!

Found a world made entirely of ketchup! It's going to be a good year!

Oh, and we still need to finish the meatloaf. Come on, agents! If it doesn't get eaten, it might go Slorp again!

I'm so excited! I can't wait to eat! How about you?


  • Question for SÚverine and Yoof.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 20:11
    Can you guys tell us what's on this week's menu? Is it fresh?
    • Oh boy! It's good! — Agent Yoof, Tue May 19 21:21
      • Meatloaf? I'll pass.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 21:30
        But the rest sounds delicious... ish. Carry on. Another question, this time for Doc: how is life with Vania? Does she keep you on your toes?
        • Oh, yes.Agent Doc, Wed May 20 02:05
          I had requested not to have a partner, but I wound up with her. She's . . . well, noisy. And bouncy. It's distracting, and hard to read. She also used to keep dragging me out of the RC to do stuff... more
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