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The Reader
No, I definitely don't mind.
Tue May 19, 2015 22:04

First of all, it's quite literally my job, which I do take seriously, no matter what the Notary (or anyone else) might think. Second--we seem to be getting along so far, and I've read enough of your mission reports that I don't think that's likely to change. Ask away.

There certainly is a difference between reading about TARDISes and actually seeing one, but...well, you should have at least some of the more instinctive necessary skills now. And your theoretical knowledge is, uh, probably more complete than mine is right now, which might help as well.

We'll muddle through. And I've got an offer of help from someone who sounds like he actually knows what he's doing, which should be very useful.

Have you never seen a TARDIS before, though? If not...well, you're going to love it.


  • Right, yes, introductions.Rina Dives, Tue May 19 21:28
    Well, considering everyone seems to know who I am, seems a bit silly, but yeah, I'm Rina Dives, DMS. Very nice to meet you, much nicer than the Notary or the Librarian. Are you sure you don't mind... more
    • No, I definitely don't mind. — The Reader, Tue May 19 22:04
      • "Ah, well..."Rina Dives, Tue May 19 22:09
        *glances around and whispers* The questions are... erm, a bit embarrassing? Maybe later? And WOO-HOO, AWESOME! Um, I mean, great! The only TARDIS I've seen is the Doctor's, and only in badfics at... more
        • Of course.The Reader, Tue May 19 22:31
          Well, don't get too excited. I mean, get excited, but--be aware that this is a TARDIS in need of repair, and that I won't be too pleased if she ends up in need of more repair, if you catch my drift.... more
          • *holds up right hand* Rina Dives, Tue May 19 22:48
            I swear to treat her as if she were mine. *huge grin* I'm gonna get to see a TARDIS oh this is so exciting ahhh!
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