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Rina Dives
"Ah, well..."
Tue May 19, 2015 22:09

*glances around and whispers* The questions are... erm, a bit embarrassing? Maybe later?

And WOO-HOO, AWESOME! Um, I mean, great! The only TARDIS I've seen is the Doctor's, and only in badfics at that. I haven't gotten the chance to actually poke around in one. Ohhh, thank you so much!

  • No, I definitely don't mind.The Reader, Tue May 19 22:04
    First of all, it's quite literally my job, which I do take seriously, no matter what the Notary (or anyone else) might think. Second--we seem to be getting along so far, and I've read enough of your... more
    • "Ah, well..." — Rina Dives, Tue May 19 22:09
      • Of course.The Reader, Tue May 19 22:31
        Well, don't get too excited. I mean, get excited, but--be aware that this is a TARDIS in need of repair, and that I won't be too pleased if she ends up in need of more repair, if you catch my drift.... more
        • *holds up right hand* Rina Dives, Tue May 19 22:48
          I swear to treat her as if she were mine. *huge grin* I'm gonna get to see a TARDIS oh this is so exciting ahhh!
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