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((Yesss, my memory is good!))
Tue May 19, 2015 23:07

((Fantastic. I am totally ready to volunteer with horses now. /nodnod/

Start to devolve into chaos? Oh, no, my dear Iximaz--it'll probably be chaotic from the very beginning.

...unless, of course, we play it so that it seems like everything's fine, but then it starts getting out of hand...and suddenly there are Time Lords arguing, Agent Des looks like he might throw hot tea on someone, and another group of agents are having a perfectly calm and reasonable Q & A session on the other side of the room. You know. Something logical like that :)


  • ((You got it!))Iximaz, Tue May 19 22:59
    ((It's the tuft of hair on the back side of the leg just above the hoof. Very useful if a horse doesn't want to pick its feet up for cleaning. Aw man, I can't wait to see this start to devolve into... more
    • ((Yesss, my memory is good!)) — DawnFire, Tue May 19 23:07
      • ((Zeb's hiding under the table, ears flat against his head, Nume's sitting straight-backed in his chair, trying to follow procedure, Corolla's just given up and buried her face in her hands, the... more
        • (( Nah, Nume's only there under duress. ))Neshomeh, Wed May 20 10:16
          Possibly handcuffed to the chair so he can't escape, which he otherwise would at the first opportunity. Such as a bunch of bickering two-year-olds Time Lords drawing everyone's attention. Actually,... more
        • ((Chakkik would probably try to restore order. He can cast Gem Missile: All, and there are few things more attention-grabbing than a hunk of diamond the size of a coconut pelting you in the head.... more
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