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Agent Supernumerary
Ugh, this dren again.
Wed May 20, 2015 00:59

I wish I could say the best part about being in the PPC is not having to put up with invasive personal questions from random idiots, but that would be a lie, wouldn't it? Please imagine me glaring pointedly at you here.

Agent Supernumerary

P.S. My partner threatened to morph human and play with the mini-replicator until I answered at least the first question properly. He won, so send him a prize or something. Preferably in the form of some goddamn pants.

Right. So. The best thing about the PPC is that it's not home. Given the choice between fiction and so-called reality—yes, even the bizarre, twisted manifestations of badfic—I'll take fiction any day. You can take that to the bank.

Agent Supernumerary

(( Sorry, but if you thought you'd get an answer to the second question, you haven't been paying attention. ^_~ ))

  • Questions for Supernumerary!Voyd, Tue May 19 18:11
    What would you say is the best part about being in the PPC? Are you asexual or anti-sexual (meaning you have urges, but don't want them)?
    • Ugh, this dren again. — Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 00:59
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