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Agent Doc
Oh, yes.
Wed May 20, 2015 02:05

I had requested not to have a partner, but I wound up with her. She's . . . well, noisy. And bouncy. It's distracting, and hard to read. She also used to keep dragging me out of the RC to do stuff around HQ, but that's slowed down recently, thank Gan.

But, I have to admit: I would be in way over my head without her. Being in the Word Worlds has a lot more real danger than I thought the job would entail, so it's nice having a senior agent around to keep me safe.

If only she would stop the singing thing . . .

  • Meatloaf? I'll pass.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 21:30
    But the rest sounds delicious... ish. Carry on. Another question, this time for Doc: how is life with Vania? Does she keep you on your toes?
    • Oh, yes. — Agent Doc, Wed May 20 02:05
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