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Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx
"No, I have not."
Wed May 20, 2015 05:32

"Human culture does not interest me in the slightest; what little I know of it comes from enforced familiarity with the inferior media created by World One's scrawl-and-daub merchants. I assume this is a link-"


[Twenty-seven seconds later]


"Uh, Notary... What happened to the console?"


"Have you been crying-"

"I said GET OUT!"


"Before you do, though, take this to Agent Valon... or Kala, or Gabby, or Chakkik, they're all basically interchangeable. The RCs are listed on the top there."

"Sure! You know me, ever so helpful!" Wobbles shoved the receipt in her pocket and bounced off towards Valon's RC, her smile getting slightly wider as she heard the Notary's keening.

  • Question for you, Miss Notary!Valon Vance, DF, Tue May 19 20:20
    So there's a song by the Kinks about a guy who starts falling for a girl at a bar, who turns out to be a transvestite, or transsexual, or something. Ever heard it? ((Valon was at Rudi's, remember.... more
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