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Lucy Illiond, Demas Paladin
Look, I keep telling you guys:
Wed May 20, 2015 05:32

You're mucking with something that didn't need mucking with. The timeline was perfectly fine the way it was before y'all tried to 'fix' it. I mean, yes, sure, the Sundering was a bit of a mess - but we bounced back! We got better! The PPC of my time is, I think I can say without fear of being biased, simply better than it was before the House of Rhodes was broken. You should've all just-

Wait, hang on, you don't look like the Gen- um, Gaspard I've been chatting with. What timeline am I in, anyway?

... right, sorry about that, there's been a type 3b acute timelike slippage. Grandad? Get me out of here, I don't want to make things even worse...


  • Question for Oopart.Gaspard De Grasse, Tue May 19 17:28
    I've been reliably informed that you've gone back in time to prevent a PPC apocalypse of some sort. Can we arrange a meeting or something and compare notes? I've got my own catastrophe to prevent and ... more
    • Re: Question for Oopart.Agent Oopart,, DMS, Wed May 20 10:00
      I don't really know how much help I can be on this. I don't remember much about the events of my future. Everything is really hazy and my head hurts. But, listen... You've got to get me out of here... more
    • Look, I keep telling you guys: — Lucy Illiond, Demas Paladin, Wed May 20 05:32
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