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I'd much rather think of you as 'the Wanderer' than...
Wed May 20, 2015 07:47

that thing claiming to be the protagonist of The Host.

So, another question: *gestures at the squabbling Time Lords* Thoughts?

  • 'A renegade name', 'a renegade name'.Huinesoron, Wed May 20 07:18
    Ancient stars, but I'm tired of hearing that description. Look, the whole mystical 'ooh, I'll hide my name and take a The Title to show that I'm a rebel' thing is just... silly. Why would you do... more
    • ((... The Reader went by the Wanderer. Well, technically that was the regeneration just before her current one, but since she wasn't originally even in the PPC and couldn't regenerate on a mission, I ... more
    • I'd much rather think of you as 'the Wanderer' than... — Iximaz, Wed May 20 07:47
      • Many of them.Morgan, Wed May 20 08:27
        I'm prone to thinking, me. Oh, you mean about my... esteemed... colleagues? I don't know; I'm somewhere between 'behold the majesty of Gallifrey, can you believe we didn't ever take over the... more
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