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((funnily enough, in the piece I adapted her from ..))
Wed May 20, 2015 08:08

((... The Reader went by the Wanderer.

Well, technically that was the regeneration just before her current one, but since she wasn't originally even in the PPC and couldn't regenerate on a mission, I had this whole thing about the Wanderer. In her next regeneration--this one--, she changed her name to the Reader, was easily distracted, and liked to speak in sentence fragments, IIRC. However, she'd been the Wanderer for a while, which influenced her... the PPC Reader never even got to choose that name. She most likely still thought of herself as Saa.

...come to think of it, why did the PPC Reader bother with a new name? Oh, she probably wanted to have fewer reminders of what she'd lost. Or maybe she felt it didn't fit her anymore.

Well, for whatever reason, Saa became the Reader, and the Wanderer never really got the chance to wander around. So the Reader turned out as we know her here.

But still. You say the Wanderer, and I picture a rather subdued woman in purple and a jean jacket, who goes around mourning Gallifrey and occasionally finding a companion or getting involved in weird situations.


  • 'A renegade name', 'a renegade name'.Huinesoron, Wed May 20 07:18
    Ancient stars, but I'm tired of hearing that description. Look, the whole mystical 'ooh, I'll hide my name and take a The Title to show that I'm a rebel' thing is just... silly. Why would you do... more
    • ((funnily enough, in the piece I adapted her from ..)) — DawnFire, Wed May 20 08:08
    • that thing claiming to be the protagonist of The Host . So, another question: *gestures at the squabbling Time Lords* Thoughts?
      • Many of them.Morgan, Wed May 20 08:27
        I'm prone to thinking, me. Oh, you mean about my... esteemed... colleagues? I don't know; I'm somewhere between 'behold the majesty of Gallifrey, can you believe we didn't ever take over the... more
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