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But I'm not.
Wed May 20, 2015 08:35

Legolas is down in FicPsych right now, and he is far more amazing than I am.

[Cue Agent Kaitlyn dropping out of the ceiling]

Kaitlyn: Wow, Hawky was right, that's really useful. Wh-? Oh, it's you! Stopped being all arrogant yet?

Huinesoron: I... uh... I think so? I'm certainly trying.

Kaitlyn: Good stuff! So what's up?

Huinesoron: You'd know; you just came from there.

Kaitlyn: [Narrows eyes] I can't tell if that was a joke, a snide remark, or ignorance of a common idiom.

Huinesoron: ... what?

Kaitlyn: The third, then. I meant, what's goi- what's happening?

Huinesoron: Oh. This... person who is probably not inferior to the Eldar unless she proves herself so was asking me about being fabulous.

Kaitlyn: Yeah, trying too hard there. So what did you say?

Huinesoron: That Legolas was more fa- something funny?

Kaitlyn: Ah... I don't think that's quite what she meant by 'fabulous'.

[A muttered conversation ensues]

Huinesoron: ... ah. Then... I don't know? Fairly... normal, for me? I'm not sure why that's a question.

Kaitlyn: You... are utterly hopeless.

hS & ~K~

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