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And there was a knock at RC 211's door...
Wed May 20, 2015 08:44

Valon opened the door and bared his trademark grin. "Well, hi there, Wobbles! First guess: You've got something for me from the Notary, yes?"

((Oh dear... did Valon go too far? His goal was just to annoy her, not actually hurt her. If he'd known she'd react like that, he wouldn't have done it.))

  • "No, I have not."Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 05:32
    "Human culture does not interest me in the slightest; what little I know of it comes from enforced familiarity with the inferior media created by World One's scrawl-and-daub merchants. I assume this... more
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