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((Do you mind if I join this discussion?))
Wed May 20, 2015 09:06

((Chakkik would probably try to restore order. He can cast Gem Missile: All, and there are few things more attention-grabbing than a hunk of diamond the size of a coconut pelting you in the head. Because it'd be spread to so many targets, it wouldn't really do any damage, but it'd certainly knock everyone down a peg.))

  • ((Zeb's hiding under the table, ears flat against his head, Nume's sitting straight-backed in his chair, trying to follow procedure, Corolla's just given up and buried her face in her hands, the... more
    • (( Nah, Nume's only there under duress. ))Neshomeh, Wed May 20 10:16
      Possibly handcuffed to the chair so he can't escape, which he otherwise would at the first opportunity. Such as a bunch of bickering two-year-olds Time Lords drawing everyone's attention. Actually,... more
    • ((Do you mind if I join this discussion?)) — Voyd, Wed May 20 09:06
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