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Kala Jeng, DF
What my traumatized partner meant was...
Wed May 20, 2015 09:40

Have you ever encountered a problem that's immune to fire? We had to kill a dragon Stu in our last mission, and Valon tried firebombing him. It worked on the Harry Potter replacements, but not on the Stu.

  • No, of course not.Selene etc Windflower, Wed May 20 01:26
    Everything can be solved by fire, or rather, by the correct application of fire. Take for example my recent... instability. You might think that fire would be useless in that situation - but Dafydd... more
    • What my traumatized partner meant was... — Kala Jeng, DF, Wed May 20 09:40
      • See my previous answer.Selene etc Windflower, Wed May 20 09:58
        Nothing is immune to correctly applied fire. It's only if you think of the pyrotechnic arts as consisting entirely of 'set fire to Suvian' that you have a problem, but fire can do so much more . It... more
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