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Selene etc Windflower
See my previous answer.
Wed May 20, 2015 09:58

Nothing is immune to correctly applied fire. It's only if you think of the pyrotechnic arts as consisting entirely of 'set fire to Suvian' that you have a problem, but fire can do so much more. It can bring buildings down on people; it can weaken stones and even metal enough to create deadly traps. Lightning (which is basically just fire but more awesome) can electrocute - or bring a motor to life.

Even with simple 'apply fire to target', it usually works if you try hard enough! Dragon scales melt; magical protection overloads; even 'indestructable' skin has a melting point, though it's usually quite high.

And if all else fails, blow up the sun. I never did understand why Dafydd was so opposed to the department's Sun Crushers. They're like... fire writ large.


  • What my traumatized partner meant was...Kala Jeng, DF, Wed May 20 09:40
    Have you ever encountered a problem that's immune to fire? We had to kill a dragon Stu in our last mission, and Valon tried firebombing him. It worked on the Harry Potter replacements, but not on the ... more
    • See my previous answer. — Selene etc Windflower, Wed May 20 09:58
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