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Doktor Trollenfisch, DWT
Ach ja! Scyther ist ein Pokemon! Like I am beink!
Wed May 20, 2015 10:19

Und he is lookink like zis:

But only vhen he ist in ein realistic universe. Usually he ist lookink like zis:

Scyther ist zer titan uff zer Leetle Cup, vhere zey put zer Pokemon who are zer first stage uff zeir evolutionary line. Vizz zer proper investment, he occasionally rises into zer Rarely Used tier zat I am callink home!

  • greetings, strange pink iffish.chakkik the mantis ant, dms, Wed May 20 09:19
    what is this "scyther" i have heard so much about? my partner has informed me that it might be something i might be interested in. i am uncertain if she is simply making jests of my personal... more
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