Kala Jeng, DF
I tried giving him Bleeprin...
Wed May 20, 2015 10:29

... but he refused to take it. He said something about not wanting anything to mess with his mind.

((Yeah... Valon refuses Bleeprin on principle. He's staunchly opposed to mind-altering substances, and to him, Bleeprin qualifies.))

  • If we must do this...Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 10:10
    Could you people at least try to be original? I've answered this one before . It's on record. No such thing as privacy here. ... Well, all right, "situation" isn't quite the same as "foe," so if we... more
    • I tried giving him Bleeprin... — Kala Jeng, DF, Wed May 20 10:29
      • Your partner's an idiot.Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 12:06
        You know what messes with your mind? Being alive. All the billions of impulses of data from your senses, every hormone, every neurotransmitter, the chemical bath distilled from everything you eat and ... more
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