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Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx
"Yes, that small subset of possibilities is very scary."
Wed May 20, 2015 11:34

"Congratulations. I shall have a "Being Very Scary" scout badge made for you. And how likely, exactly, is that situation? Or, if your ego will permit, allow me to offer a counter-example.

"There is a monster, and it's killing people, and it looks like everyone else. Monsters come from somewhere. Eliminate the source, eliminate the threat. Paradoxes are controllable in the right circumstances - and oh look! Those circumstances are the ones we have spent millions of years creating. The only time, the only time someone came close to our power, the resulting war all but tore the universe apart. Keep your children's stories. You know nothing of fear."

  • Imagine this scenario, which totally isn't inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire. You're walking down the street, on your way to do whatever it is Time Lords do in their spare time. You pass a hobo on... more
    • "Yes, that small subset of possibilities is very scary." — Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed May 20 11:34
      • The source?Voyd, Wed May 20 11:38
        Good luck with that. The source is damn near unkillable; even a nuclear blast didn't put him down.
    • Oh... er...Voyd, Wed May 20 10:55
      I just realized that Rina... probably has a problem with this description. I didn't even notice that you were there, I was talking to the Notary. Uh... sorry?
      • *suppresses bile*Rina Dives, Wed May 20 10:58
        No, no, it's... it's fine. Um, I'll just... be leaving now...
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