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Agent Desdendelle
I'll answer those for him.
Wed May 20, 2015 11:46

I don't want him to get any more... irritated. I have to live with him, remember?
-The Librarian doesn't 'hate everything'. First, there are a few things he actually likes - books, computers, his Tablet, etc. Second, he doesn't hate the majority of things he doesn't like; he just thinks they're not worth of his time, or inferior, or barbaric, or a nuisance, or... you get the idea.
-I think it has something to do with cataloguing of knowledge. Not sure, though.
-He didn't tell me his real name and I'm not planning on asking, but I'd figure it's not 'Alfonso' - he's a Time Lord, not an ape, as he might say.
Now excuse me while I go wash my mouth, saying that made me feel ill.

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