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"All right, now we're talkin'!"
Wed May 20, 2015 12:15

Kalen: F***in' Sly Flourish, man. It's definitely my favorite move, since it's so deceptively simple and packs huge power! Aw man, one time, when we were fighting a fire bear... *drones on*

Rina: *scratches the back of her neck* Um, well, with Zeb, really, the important thing to remember, other than no loud noises or sudden contact, is that he might not have heard of most pop culture references. It's a bit lame when you make a great reference and he just gives me his blank look.

Zeb: Well, I can't say I have a preferred type, since I've only ever been in the standard Poké Ball. It's not so bad, you can still hear and see what's going on and you can come out anytime. Mostly, though, I just napped when I was called back.

  • Indeed I have. Quite a useful book, yes?Darkotas, Wed May 20 12:06
    Okay, new few questions! For Kalen: Do you have a favorite technique in combat? If so, what situation is it best used in? For Rina: as someone who works with a nonhuman agent, what is the most... more
    • "All right, now we're talkin'!" — Iximaz, Wed May 20 12:15
      • Re: "All right, now we're talkin'!"Darkotas, Wed May 20 12:24
        Awesome answers, thank you! Okay, next up: For Rina: out of all of the other agent teams you have worked with, which has been your favorite? For Zeb: Other than Rina, who or what has been your... more
        • "Easy."Iximaz, Wed May 20 12:32
          Rina: Marvin and Printworthy. Both of them were pretty awesome. Desdendelle and Ilraen were great, but their partners are such assholes it doesn't let him make the list. Sorry, guys. Zeb: Huh? Um,... more
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