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You just look like you need one.
Wed May 20, 2015 12:26

And I figured it was better to ask than to glomp.

  • Um. Maybe?Agent Derik, Wed May 20 12:22
    But, er, why? I mean, do I even know you?
    • Ooh! Ooh! I've got one! (And I won't glomp you, promise!)Agent Cupid Carmine, DIC, Wed May 20 17:03
      Speaking as a fellow badfic refugee whose homefic was deleted, have you and Gall ever had any missions that got prematurely cut short by the badfic being taken down? If so, does it really look like... more
      • Can't say that I have, no.Agent Derik, Thu May 21 14:08
        Anyway, I haven't seen Inception . Film isn't my favorite medium. (( I always save a copy of the fic I'm sporking against just such an eventuality. Also for note-taking. ))
    • You just look like you need one. — Iximaz, Wed May 20 12:26
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