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Wed May 20, 2015 12:36

Has there never been a time where the job felt like it was worth it? Like you'd actually done some good in the world and helped people?

  • Re: Question for all agents!SkarmorySilver, Wed May 20 12:28
    [Ripper:] "For some of us, the PPC is our only home. We have no where else to go. So that means that being an agent at least gives us a chance to exist, to hunt, and to have posterity if we're lucky. ... more
    • So... — Voyd, Wed May 20 12:36
      • Re: So...SkarmorySilver, Thu May 21 13:21
        [Falchion:] "My first mission, full stop. And too many times since then." [Rashida:] "That's your response every time anyone asks that. I don't consider that mission to be worth the extra effort -... more
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