"Really? She scares me."
Wed May 20, 2015 19:14

Terabyte turned towards the Guardsman. "Are you joking?"

"No. She wages this little bullying campaign of hers for no reason other than the fact that I know that she was not completely a horrible person in the past. She doesn't want to talk-- she just does these things. She has no demands. She has no goal other than antagonizing me. She can and will do anything to get to me-- she knows what my screwdriver means to me. What's next? Full-on destroying it? Taking my rifle? Trying to get me fired? What? What is her victory condition? You don't fight this long unless you have a end goal in mind. What does she want from me?" he stuck his hands in his pockets, thinking.

  • Alex held his hands up in surrender.Iximaz, Wed May 20 16:10
    "Fine, fine, I'm sorry, I won't go snooping." Alex grinned at the Guardsman. "And nah, I'm not scared of the Notary, unlike R-" He cut himself off, looking guilty. "Oops." "She doesn't scare me,"... more
    • "Really? She scares me." — SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 19:14
      • Rina was silent for a long moment.Iximaz, Wed May 20 20:39
        Hearing that the Guardsman was afraid of the Notary... it made her suddenly feel a lot better. She wasn't the only one. "Hey, I don't know. Turns out I barely know the lady, so I'mm useless to you,"... more
        • "Well, we gotta live with her."SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 22:21
          The Guardsman shrugged. "Poop happens, I guess. Well..." He looked from Rina to Alex. "Sorry for disturbing your work but I really needed that screwdriver back. I'll get working on your screwdriver... more
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