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Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC
Thank you very much Agent..
Wed May 20, 2015 22:01

I think thinkI will start putting tho-- *Explosion is heard in the background*

Solvig: *In the background* Sorry, my bad!

Yuuna: *headdesks* I need a chocolate-banana milkshake...

  • Mostly by avoiding them as much as possible.Agent Supernumerary, Wed May 20 12:49
    I have to live with my partner, of course, but he's pretty quiet when he's not trying to blow us up with his damn tinkering, he doesn't leave dirty socks and old pizza boxes lying around, and he's... more
    • Thank you very much Agent.. — Agent Takamiya Yuuna, DIC, Wed May 20 22:01
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