"Well, we gotta live with her."
Wed May 20, 2015 22:21

The Guardsman shrugged. "Poop happens, I guess. Well..." He looked from Rina to Alex. "Sorry for disturbing your work but I really needed that screwdriver back. I'll get working on your screwdriver schematics-- and no extras for you. You're getting what DoSAT needs, not a military-grade tool."

"I have taken the liberty to upload the casing schematics and assembly instructions to your workstation computer," said Terabyte to Alex. "Please allow Emiranlanoamar a few days to work on his end of the project." To his partner, he said: "Are you sure that handing out Gallifreyan technology like free candy is the best thing to do?"

The Guardsman shrugged. "I don't care. I like designing things in my spare time-- might as well put my skills to use." He motioned towards the lab's exit. "Shall we, TB? See you later, guys."

  • Rina was silent for a long moment.Iximaz, Wed May 20 20:39
    Hearing that the Guardsman was afraid of the Notary... it made her suddenly feel a lot better. She wasn't the only one. "Hey, I don't know. Turns out I barely know the lady, so I'mm useless to you,"... more
    • "Well, we gotta live with her." — SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 22:21
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