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Gremlin and Xericka
Whoa, a two-fer!
Wed May 20, 2015 23:04

Gremlin here. Xericka's standing right behind me reading everything I write, so I suppose she is also technically here.

It's hard to say what the best thing that happened to me is. I've seen plenty of both good and bad. Maybe meeting Xericka? Hanging with her 24/7 is way better than a night of breaking and entering. She's surprisingly cool. (She audibly scoffed at that, by the way. And now she is telling me not to write that she scoffed. Or that she told me not to write that. And now she's glaring at me. I should probably move on.)

Xericka says the best thing that happened to her was adopting Aiden. I can't argue with that. He's adorable. Plus, Xericka makes a pretty good mom. (She just told me to stop issuing her bald-faced comments. Whatever.)

As for what we've been up to, we've been plenty busy. Just because you haven't heard about us running missions doesn't mean we haven't. If our feats of awesomeness haven't been getting any publicity, blame the archivists. I hear that job has a lot of churn. People going nuts and whatever.

Even when we're not on missions, we keep busy. Taking care of Aiden. Drinking to forget. Causing ruckuses. Ask around a bit more; you might hear a little something.

Xericka wants me to add that it's me who causes ruckuses, not her. She's being modest.

Now she's glaring at me again. Gotta dash.

  • Questions for Gremlin and Xericka!Voyd, Tue May 19 17:02
    First: What's the best thing that's happened to you since joining the PPC? Second: What have you been up to? You haven't run any missions in a good long while.
    • Whoa, a two-fer! — Gremlin and Xericka, Wed May 20 23:04
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