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Agent Cornelius, DIAU
A most excellent question.
Wed May 20, 2015 23:12

Yes, rampancy is indeed a most pressing issue, especially as I enter what could be my last operational year. DoSAT is indeed looking into it, as is my own DIAU. I'm sorry to say that results so far have been unproductive. Attempting to meld technologies from different fandoms -- in my case, the Haloverse with anything else -- tends to create more problems than it fixes. While some sort of merger could fix the metastability problem, I could cease being Cornelius and become... something else. Other presented alternatives have not been palitable to my taste.

But the PPC has experts from across the mutliverse on its staff. I am confident that a solution will be found. I will do whatever I can to preserve myself against the onset of rampancy.

  • Question for Cornelius.SeaTurtle, Tue May 19 17:06
    Are you afraid of rampancy? Is there any way that DoSAT can help you reach metastability?
    • A most excellent question. — Agent Cornelius, DIAU, Wed May 20 23:12
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