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Solvig Karinsdotter
What? Did I say something wrong?
Wed May 20, 2015 23:19

And who's this "Sarah" you're talking about? Should I beat her up? Yeah, I should. Hey Yunie! Can you say the "magic word", I need to do something.

Yuuna: No.

Solvig: Oh come on! Is important!

Yuuna: *sigh* Okay. Please, would you stop being an idiot?

Solvig: Not that one!

Yuuna: Whatever. By the way, your pet set on fire one of your comics.

Solvig: What!? *runs to her side of the RC* No, Lizzie! Bad Lizzie! *keeps scolding her pet*

Yuuna: *creeps to the Console* Sorry about that gentlemen. She's like that with everyone she meets, well mostly everyone, even if she doesn't have met them before or in person. And she'll forget it by tomorrow.

I'm sending an order of a beef shawarma to go to Rudi's, to be sent to Agent Gaspard de Grasse, paid from my money. Good night gentlemen. *smiles* RC #2814 out.

((Whatever it looks like, Yuuna Takamiya may be a jerk, but underneath all that, there's a heart.))

  • Harris: Sonia? Er, hang on a minute.SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 22:10
    Harris: Nope, Sonia isn't here. I swear she was around just a minute ago-- Gaspard, what in the world are you doing? You're not choking, are you? Gaspard: She called me "Gaspie", Harris! She says she ... more
    • What? Did I say something wrong? — Solvig Karinsdotter, Wed May 20 23:19
      • Harris: Hey look, you're getting pity-food.SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 15:34
        Harris: And she'll forget about you too, so no worries, eh? Gaspard: Forgotten again. Yipee. - - - ((He's great at parties, I swear.))
        • Sorry about the intrusion gentlemen.Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Fri May 22 11:23
          But let me defend my patient. Solvig won't forget Gaspard, she will forget the events that transpired today, and she will try again another day. She does not do it out of ill will, no. She genuinely... more
          • Harris: hey, that's good news!SeaTurtle, Fri May 22 15:29
            Harris: Solvig won't forget you. I'm telling you, she's a really pretty gal and I think-- Gaspard: --it will end in disaster. Harris: You're such a spoilsport. She wants to be your friend, moron. Why ... more
    • ((Hmm...))Voyd, Wed May 20 22:36
      ((I wonder how Gaspard would react if locked in a building with Kala or Gabby while the moon is full. Liminals go kinda nuts under the full moon, to the point where I personally think not even... more
      • ((Well.))SeaTurtle, Thu May 21 17:27
        ((It's a bit obvious, isn't it? Place anyone in a house with a half-human monster who becomes absolutely sex-crazed under the full moon and they'll be trying to get the hell out of there before they... more
        • ((Not just that.))Voyd, Thu May 21 17:58
          ((The fact remains that they don't hold back their [often superhuman] strength, so it's very likely that if, say, a lamia was after you, you'd die from her affections. That's pretty much the plot of... more
    • Something really similar happened to me in sixth grade. It sucks, but it gets better, I promise.
      • ((No hugs for him.))SeaTurtle, Wed May 20 22:39
        ((And it won't get better for him: this is Gaspard we're talking about, remember? He is Charlie Brown, the boy who frowns more than he smiles. He'll never win-- or if he does it will go forever... more
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