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The answers.
Thu May 21, 2015 00:05

Vania: What? Are you asking if I'm mardy? Hah hah, no. Doc's about as romantic as scratchy lint from an old blanket, and we mostly use costumes instead of full disguises nowadays, anyway.

Oh, yes, I saw that little story posted on the lounge's bulletin board, and I know you wrote it. Guess I can't be surprised that in an organization full of fans, that some of them wind up shipping their coworkers, but still. Come off it. I mean, I have nothing against mardy couples, but . . . no. Just, no.

And I'm not wrought either.

* * *

Doc: No. You can't know. I mean, it's impossible! That was never published! I mean, I'm not a fic writer! Understand? There's nothing! No badfics!

. . . That's impossible . . . How could anyone know?

(Nice, hS! Actual foreshadowing! Mua ha ha ha ha!)

  • Question for Doc and Vania:Huinesoron, Wed May 20 11:17
    Is it true? Yes, you know what I mean. Don't try to hide it. hS ((is evil))
    • The answers. — doctorlit, Thu May 21 00:05
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