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Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC
Thanks, but no thanks. For now, anyway.
Thu May 21, 2015 11:06

Medical was specifically against the replacement hand until further notice. They were afraid that any residual glitter from my, uh, mishap from my fourth mission would get into any hypothetical cybernetic implants that I end up getting, and I'm not sure if they'll be able to get rid of it completely. I'll probably go back to Medical after a few missions with my current prosthetics and reevaluate my physical state. If they revise their prognosis so that I can get a new hand in the future, though, I'd be more than happy to take up your offer - especially because I've been meaning to sample Avatar-verse jasmine tea!

  • For Agent Lapis Lazuli...Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Thu May 21 10:16
    Would you like a Star Wars -continuum Galactic Civil War Era life-like cybernetic replacement hand? Is fully functional, and in good condition. I offer a fair price and a free cup of Ba Sing Se-style ... more
    • Thanks, but no thanks. For now, anyway. — Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC, Thu May 21 11:06
      • Oh well, I'll keep it in case you change your mind.Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Thu May 21 11:14
        *toys with a small drop of water with her, then launches and freezes it in midair, in the form of a snowflake* Which I eagerly await for.
        • (Also...)SkarmorySilver, Fri May 22 01:07
          (I've been meaning to explore how Lapis would deal with her missing hand for a while. I'm thinking of having her go back to Medical a few stories later to have her hand checked up, possibly after her ... more
        • Another question from Lapis!SkarmorySilver, Fri May 22 01:06
          [Lapis:] "Good to know. Oh! Almost forgot! I'm a pretty big fan of the original Avatar series, and so is my author - my homefic had Aang dragged in, for one thing! That being said, have you ever... more
          • *raises eyebrow*Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Fri May 22 09:50
            Uhh... No. Why would we? One, half of the technology used is useless without Benders to power it up, and two, all of the technology from my home-continuum is heavily outclassed by technology from any ... more
            • I'd cite a specific example, but it's ridiculously spoilery.Agent Lapis Lazuli, DIC, Fri May 22 17:20
              Besides, it was supposedly powered by a really powerful bending technique, and I always wondered if it was worth exploring in case, y'know, an energy-bending Sue comes along... *beat* *sweatdrops,... more
              • Excuse me, what...? *narrows her eyes* ((Spoilers!))Technician Shui-Hua Liu, DoSAT, T&A, Sat May 23 11:11
                At first I thought you refered to the Equalist's shock gauntlets, the only piece of useful technology from there. *calls the water from Lapis' back of the neck to her hand* But, I think I now know... more
                • (Well, that escalated quickly.)SkarmorySilver, Sat May 23 14:50
                  Lapis stared after Shi-Hua, a look of horrified shock on her face. "I... I don't know what to say," she said to nobody in particular. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean..." She felt a hand rest on her... more
                  • *slow clap*Nurse Chan, FicPsych, Paidopsychiatry Division, Sat May 23 16:58
                    Congratulations, Lapis Lazuli. You just angered someone again, with your reckless speech. My office, tomorrow, 9 a.m., not 'buts' or excuses. What? Becoming an Agent does not mean you stop being my... more
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