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Agent Supernumerary
I don't like to name favorites.
Thu May 21, 2015 13:54

Start doing that, and that's when truly horrible, soul-crushing badfic of it starts landing on your console. So I'm not going to.

That said, it's no secret that I'm a bit of a Tolkien buff. Got its hooks in me during my formative years and all that, same as Trek. There's no point in trying to put one above the other. They're both cornerstones of their genres, both revolutionary in their own way, both equally important.

For the record, I'm more of a sci-fi fan overall, but it doesn't show as much because authors like Asimov, Heinlein, Huxley, etc. are less comprehensible to the average idiot, ergo, knock on wood, there's less fanfic of their works. Let alone crossovers.

— Agent Supernumerary

(( Also, his author has been a bit tardy in reading all the important sci-fi novels/novellas/short stories out there, so she doesn't want to make any definitive statements she might later have to retcon. ))

  • Question for Supernumerary.doctorlit, Thu May 21 00:11
    We all know you're a ravenous book lover, but that you're also into Star Trek . What novel or book series is your favorite? And do you like it or Trek better?
    • I don't like to name favorites. — Agent Supernumerary, Thu May 21 13:54
      • ((OMG, you have to read Foundation!))doctorlit, Thu May 21 17:33
        ((The original trilogy, at least; the four novels published later got a bit Star Wars prequel-ish for my tastes. But the original trilogy is very fuax-historical sounding, and the sci-fi details... more
        • (( Oh, I have! ))Neshomeh, Fri May 22 09:12
          I thought about picking it as a favorite of Nume's, actually, but see above. I would love to have a long, confusing debate with you. The problem there is that I do not, in fact, have perfect recall,... more
          • ((AHH, I love Asimov!))Iximaz, Fri May 22 11:39
            ((I got my hands on a copy of I, Robot back when I was ten and it's still my favorite of his works to this day. Especially the first story, it still makes me cry a little.))
            • ((I tried to read I, Robot...))Voyd, Sun May 24 11:06
              ((I'm sorry, but it's just not for me. This seems to be a common problem I have with really, really old works of literature: I get bored of them. Lovecraft's about the only one I like. I've tried... more
            • (( Haven't gotten to that one yet. ))Neshomeh, Fri May 22 18:18
              And admitting things like that are why I sometimes feel like I need to hand in my geek card. Call myself a sci-fi fan, will I, when I haven't even read I, Robot ? Pshaw! ~Neshomeh
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